Best Forex Trend Indicators

I can’t share analysis if you’re going to alert me all the time. I also know this is the English Forum here.


I only use 21 day EMA and 8 day EMA

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The analysis is correct for now.
Now, index 104.000

Test of the stock market with crises and major trend transformations.
Between 1987-2018 years.

Ps: The graphics work is mine.

Historical non-repaint channels in PETKİM.

Let’s say we draw this graph without error,
Question: What is the use of this graphic drawn on the image after the structure is formed?

At GBPUSD Middle term analys.

Buy entry 1.3286

TP1 1.3544
TP2 1.3718
TP3 1.3963
TP4 1.4120
TP5 1.4376


Historical heritage for everyone.

Between 1971 - 2018
Gold ons historical channels work.

This was the last chart.

forum did not make me happy.

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why what can we do to help you?

Thanks I will have a look into these

hello bro, what is the name of this indicator?