Best Forex Trend Indicators

Are you selling this?

I don’t understand it either. Is there something we need to buy to make this work or is it signals?
Whats a splash parabolic?
Does it cost 300 $?
Really confused

I see bro.
Its not for sale.

All the best.

EURUSD 1.2320 was seel signal. I made TP my all sell contracts
I will wait fora new buy signal.
it can not be in this week.



at Usdtry up trend going on.

I do not expect a big fall. Perhaps the correction may be around 4.39 USD.

Good luck all.

Support and resistance

Regulatory support resistance is determined by zigzag. First, the weekly chart opens. Then zigzag is added to the chart. Zigzag is added to the lowest or highest level of the breaking bar from left to right. Like the example. This is the most convenient and method of determining the resistance to the rule of support. All other methods are wrong. That’s the main task of the zizag indicator.

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Trend Analysis for here.

Only for middle term trends.

Historical Bist100 Index Trends
New trend analysis.



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Hii all,

For Bist100 I can cancel the last analysis that I made outside the signal at any time.
Even though the analysis is profitable and successful, I can not put my followers at risk. Let’s wait a moment.ll,

Yes, my last analysis was canceled. With a profit of +2,500 points.

First Analysis

Short-term bottom figure in bist100 is 97.800.
1-2 weeks after the fluctuation of the first stage again 116.000 to be tested for me.
I’il make a detailed comment this weekend.

All the best

For this analysis.

Middle term analysis for AUDUSD


Buy entry 0.7550
TP1 0.8070
TP2 0.8754

Good Luck

I have conducted a total of 77 short, medium and long-term analyses in 4 years, including domestic and international. Three of them were false signals, three of them myself canceled, the remaining 71 accurate analysis and signal sharing.

USDCAD 60 Min.
parabolic channel study.


These studies are non-repaint and free as tradingview and you can do it yourself on platforms. Also, parabolic curves are more useful than linear lines.

Bitcoin is still sell signal from 9.800 $

First Support for bitcoin is 6.500-6.585 $

These lines are parabolic curves and never Re-Paint (does not repaint)

According to these lines, the GBP is in important areas.

Also, it is Long term trend still UP.

Shortly, LONG TERM trend direction is UP

I think that 106,468 short-term peak in the bist100 index will remain.
My bottom analysis at 97.88 was correct. I also lit the Al signal after a week. I am a supporter of closing positions for those in 5 Bank 2 holding shares in bist100. It’s possible to do a lot more detailed analysis, but I don’t have time. There is no sell signal, but I think long positions should be made profit. Because I did it myself. I closed The Stock futures.
Good luck.