Best & Simple Strategy

Hello guys…

I am going to share with you a simple strategy and it works amazingly…

before this i lost too much money in forex… now i recovered 2/3 of my money with this in my first month of using it.

first i am going to share with you result of this strategy … and tomorrow i will share it so that you can

test it live…


wow! thats amazing result! Cant wait to learn your strategy.

Bring it on!!

Very interesting… Looking forward to what you have to share with us, adnan!

Why dont you start the thread with how you go about this instead of letting people hang around for a day or two, share your system if you want to and people will join and follow if it looks good

To show us a list of your trades etc and only what you have won does not really help anyone.

I can show you the results of my own system too with all the winning orders in and it wont make anyone on here any wiser

No offence, but there has been quite a few people on here just showing results etc and giving signals but never wanna share their system, dont get me wrong it is your own choice to share or not, I am just saying…
Starting off like this and letting people hang around does not help you chances of gathering a group of followers.

sorry … i got abit busy today…
anyways my strategy is somehow like bollinger bands and RSI but remember that BB are definitely not the safe way of trading … i use Price channel with RSI i am going to show you some pics

Look closely how price reacts when touch the Price channel and when RSI touch 70

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if you think this will only work with range market you are probably wrong

look at this one

On Red Circle RSI didn’t touch bottom so we ignore that trade
see how many chances u would get by only one currency pair

BB Stretch and give you false signal but price channel always gives u right one …
as you know Price always move in channel
when BB provoke us to jump in trade by stretching and expanding
this Price channel Make us to stay away that trades … unless price touches that borders of channel

Looks interesting, some good examples.

So how does it work? Ie, time frames, currencies, properties of indicators, entry and exit points?
how long have you been trading this system

adnan thanks for sharing. Kindly please share your indicator. Thanks!


This look interesting. I have three questions for now

1 .Where can I get the Price channel indicator ? If possible attach your indicator here.
2. What time frame you use ?
3. What are the currency pairs you use.

Thank you !!!

i am going to attach here tpl of my strategy for you guys … and for you questions

i use H4 and H1
any currency pair

Wow Nice. Please share your template. and indicator files. Also a brief description about entry rules. I see apart from price channel & RSI there are some other indicators too. I am awaiting to test this system (& hopefull to recover my losts too)


Well the dealer’s tactics are their bread and butter; they are not going to let it spread out so that all the retailers could get it.

its really not like that mate …
am just an individual trader like you …
i am having a problem to attach tpl file here …
i will upload it today …

indicators in this system are : 50 ema = to tell the flow of a trend
fx luaer = to tell the solid support and resistance zone
Daily supports resistance and pivot points ( beter entry points )
Price channel
RSI ( Propriety Indicator )


Zip the files in to one archive. Then click reply.
Then you will see there is a button “Go Advanced”.
Click on that & there you can add attachments.


Hi everyone,

Adnan sent me the template and indicators he use for this system.
I am posting them on behalf of adnan.

Now expecting him to explain Rules of the system ( Entry rules , TP, SL etc)

Tnx Adnan!!! :35: (19.2 KB)

Curious to hear the rules of the system. Do you wait for the candle that crosses the price channel to close before entering?

This looks very interesting. I am going to paper trade it for a little bit until I got it down and then use it on demo to see how it works.

Thank you. I will check back to see if this is updated.