Big Streak!

So I started a new system last sunday, one trade a day I won’t give away the system just yet but every trade since (about 8), has been green. I’m not scalping. I come home from work set it up and walk away and later that night I’m out in green. What I’m doing here is stalling myself from throwing real money in and being let down. I just want feed back what do you guys think? Should I be expecting losers pretty soon. Is it possible for every trade I ever make from here on out to be green?




Like lavaman said, no it’s not possible. It’s possible to have an exceptional win/loss ration, but no one has 100%. If someone had a 100% and even if the winners were small, everyone would jump on it and just trade the max pip value possible.

Don’t get hooked on winners. Watch for for that the euphoria that comes from that winning feeling doesn’t cloud your judgement and make you diverge from what is working.

At this point the best thing you can do is figure out what is working and keep doing it, tighten up what you can, and when you do lose don’t panic. When you lose just figure that into your win/loss ratio. If you keep losing see if you changed something inadvertently, or if the market type of movement just changed.

What you want now is the build up a good sample size of trades. Say 100, and then figure your win/loss ratio, what you lose on losing trade and what you win on winner.

When you think it’s working and you go live start with the smallest pip value your account allows and test it that way live. When you think it’s still working well, gradually build up the pip value as you feel comfortable.

Ultimately it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about being CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLY over a long time frame. To stay in the game, as a career, you want to avoid huge up and down spikes and have a steadily increasing equity curve upward.

yes it is, if u have a big enough account that can absorb the loosing position. However, with that said and getting back to reality, always place a stop even if you think the market will come back and move on to the next trade. Big winners, small loosers.

happy trading!

After making this thread I placed my one and only trade for the day, and it came out green. So let me ask this, if I came back to you guys after doing 100 of these trades and I said to you after, that 100 of them were green would it still not be possible for all my trades to be green?

Possible sure. Just not probable.



What’s your system though because 9 out of 9 winners is a pretty nice little streak. Please don’t say “just don’t use a stop and wait for price to come back to you”.

Yeah what’s your system!. Even when I think no one can get 100 out of 100, it’ll be great if you get this and honestly I hope you will and share it with us.

My apologies, I’ve only put on 7 trades so far, so the one from last night makes 7 out of 7 successful trades. Lets see if I can make it to 100 :P. I will post every night, my win ratio. I am in Houston, TX so I’m on CST.





Anyone willing to help me test a theory I have or give me insight on the results I already have or the theory it self please PM .

Thank you, Thank you very much.


There’s the hook. He won’t say what his system is, just that it wins 100% of the time and email him for more info. When you email him I’m sure he will try and sell you the system.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve seen it a thousand times before…

If you are truly sincere then I apologize, it’s just that we deal with scammers selling systems here all the time. Post the system here and we will all help you “test your theory” and “give you insight on the results.” That’s what we’re here for!!

From what I know about him, he is not selling anything.
Hes just trying to get experts help with his system :slight_smile:

Anyone willing to help me test a theory I have or give me insight on the results I already have or the theory it self please PM or send me an E-mail or IM me

Then I wholeheartedly apologize and wish him well with the system. :slight_smile:

You know what they say, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Maybe I just jumped the gun and he’s not a duck :smiley:

The reason I don’t want to post directly is because this isn’t really a system, it’s a theory on a reoccuring event, and I don’t want a bunch of nay sayers sticking their hands in and discouraging me. It uses absolutely no indicators and it’s not the system that has been keeping my streak going it’s a different one. I just want one other opened minded person who is pretty savvy to forex, and doesn’t mind helping me, or pointing out to me that this could absolutely not work, not becuase of a feeling but evidently. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks again.

Now I’m intrigued…

I trade without indicators all the time, if you’d like send me a PM and I’ll give you my take on it.

And you’re right about the naysayers. Don’t listen to them, unless they can tell you why it won’t work. Most just say it won’t work because they’ve never done it…



Hey Phil I don’t think you can PM here, so if you don’t mind email me and I’ll give you the run down?

Hmm… You seem to be right. Why do we all have PM inboxes when there’s no way to send a PM?? :confused:

EDIT: Thanks to Jado911 for showing me how PMs work. Been on Babypips for 10 months and I never saw that… :slight_smile: