Biggest crypto regret?

Hellooooo. :blush: I just got curious. :thinking: Because when BTC plunged below 30k, I did not buy some more BTC, hoping that it would go down further. :sweat_smile: But not it’s back to the 34k range and I’m not sure whether it will ever go that low again. :sweat: How about you guuuuuuys? :smiley:

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Sounds like your micro managing investing decisions with no defined plan.

Who cares whether it goes that low again?

You need to be buying on the turn or on the breakout not catching falling knives.

Of course I don’t know the specifics of your investing style but hoping and praying appear to be very much part of the crypto investors mindset - and the complete opposite of intelligent speculation.


Well said @Johnscott31

A falling knife has no handle.

Crypto is a wild asset. Good luck to you guys!


What is important to consider is why BTC is ranging from pillar to post. Currently the bulls seem to be in control of where it’s headed. Or at least, there’s too much money at stake to wipe BTC off the map - more the pity.

Take the 15 minute chart and analyse what every candle is showing you, eventually you will see what is the most probable next candle movement. Or you could be unsure, do nothing, and wait for confirmation.

This micro technique could open up a whole new understanding of what’s happening in the market. I know of one pro trader who has added to his bullish position. Whether that’s right or wrong no person on the planet could know what’s going to happen, only the most likely outcome of the price movement…



I don’t think there is anything wrong with Bitcoin per se.

It’s great to trade, and although it lacks in any long-term form of utility value IMO who am I to say people shouldn’t buy it?

What is totally criminal is the way it is hyped so much, I know people who think it’s going to a $million and that big starry number has got them so awestruck they can’t see straight.

The crypto market is taking in sucker after sucker after sucker.

Not necessarily because crypto is bad - but because these suckers simply have no investing smarts whatsoever.

Remember subprime when anyone and everyone was flipping property? Well, this IMO is very much like that.

Members of this forum look down on the FX trader Instagram Youtube mentor Lear jet fakers. Well, the crypto pumpers are even worse.

I recently joined a private group on Facebook about cats. The first person who liked my comment promptly send me a link for his Bitcoin millionaire chat group!

As for the biggest pumper of them all Michael Saylor, of Microstrategy - not only has he been done for fraud before but he is raising debt money from his tech software company to buy Bitcoin!

If I was an investor in Microstrategy, I’d be trying to get him ousted - he is running it like a hedge fund.

These are the type of antics we saw from CEOs at the top of the Nasdaq bubble in 2000 (god I am showing my age).

I am completely agnostic towards crypto, if it goes up great I might make some cash. What I am not is a zealot who thinks the only market in the world is crypto.

Many of these crypto Perma bulls need to take a step back - before they lose their shirt or underwear.


They’re all bad lol but crypto pumpers are on a different level too.

I’m chuckling that you joined a facebook group about cats. I think crypto is now the new MLM. It sucks. I see people do it to some friends. They’re definitely ruining it.

It’ll be a while. With all the dips that have been happening they’re convinced it can truly only go up. And honestly, who tf knows. :sweat_smile:

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I think you are more greedy to buy bitcoin at low. We should follow the market trends and buy and cell at the right time so we can avoid a big losses.

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Dont chuckle about my cat obsession - I take it very seriously!

I’m actually developing a sideline business devoted to the furry things! More to be revealed at a later date.

Actually what is happening in social media around cats is interesting and kind of compares to the crypto space believe it or not

Besides porn, cats are the most sought after web searches on the net. There is big money in posting silly cute cat videos.

Which, just like crypto attracted many fly by nighter wanna be millionaires. All you need to do (apparently) is post cat pics on your Instagram, get loads of followers and bingo one of the big cat brands will sponsor you and youll be a millionaire.

There are some serious marketers in the cat niche, with state of the art digital cameras and whole infrastructure in place to make their cat look cute.

I kid you not.

Lots of cat owners dream of their cat becoming famous over night - there are even cat marketing agencies!!

It’s really all just a larger symptom of how powerful social media is - and also while I think crypto is so popular - it’s the first asset class where everybody is online.


I believe it! With the popularity of grumpy cat (RIP) and nyan cat - there truly is a huge potential. BUT the space is so cluttered no? Very curious as to what you’re thinking of doing!

Although I’m guessing you yourself own cats!?? I don’t but I do have my cryptokitties HAHA. Don’t ask me how much money I lost. :joy:

I think my own part in the cat niche is slightly different and actually adds some real value for cat lovers.

But keeping it underwraps for now all will be revealed soon enough.

Also I will NOT be posting cute cat videos to make a quick buck - I never do anything for that reason.

Which I guess why the crypto space and day trading have never really interested me either.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt from trading - but is a transferable skillset is if you are going to do anything do it properly and to the highest standard and quality you can.

In life you ultimately get paid for bringing quality of life to others in what ever area you are in. That is difficult in trading because it doesn’t really have anything to offer to other people

But…the cardinal sin in trading is trying to get rich quick - you are telling the universe you are a faker and the universe hates fakers.

So for me whether its a cat site, my trading blog, my posts on this forum or my love of trading - go deep down the rabbit hole and do it to the best of your ability adding more value to someone’s day.

Bring the highest quality output and you can get paid accordingly! Def agree. And I’m glad you recognize the fact that trading doesn’t offer anything to other people lol. I feel like most traders are in denial about this.

Well… You could be one lucky faker and sometimes the universe might like that haha.

Love it!

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Interesting conversation. I’ve actually spent a lot of time thinking about this

Sure trading does not add any value to others as such - and a law of the universe is you gonna give value.

But… what if in trading it’s about giving value to yourself?

Eh? I mean what if in trading we develop our skills to the best we can? That is giving to ourselves, the end result is we become much better versions of us right?

Well getting rich quick attempts to get the fruits of labour without putting anything in, in return.

That is why it’s always doomed to fail. I’ll illustrate the point with a question.

Are you aware how many lottery winners end up going broke?

Quite a few - and it’s all because deep down they knew they never earned it.

Hmm. Could be. But see this is now where the justification happens lol. Like okay you give value to yourself and then…? I mean how is that going to be paid forward? Some traders I know don’t even leave their houses. I suppose if they make YT videos or like help others on forums, then it could work. Cause then the possibility of upward mobility for another person/more people might just be possible.

Ok in that light it could work.

Is it because they never earned it or because they had no financial background unlike traders who know what it’s like to get margin called, blow an account, etc.?


Well, its because they never developed the skills to manage their money, but it ultimately all boils down to this…

The reason we should all aim to be financially successful is NOT because of the fruits it brings us, but because of what, we become on the journey.

Which is much better versions of ourselves.

On the micro-level, sure if you win the lottery you haven’t developed the skills to manage your finances

But on the macro level, the universe (our own subconscious) is saying "sorry mate, you ain’t earned this so you are going to lose it - just let me find a way’

The two are not separate from each other at all.


Possible. This is what the millennials call “manifesting” hahahah

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Incidentally, is that real a picture of you?

You have the whole South Korean K pop esque look going on…lol

Kinda cool

Ha. It’s actually J-Pop! The precursor to K-Pop.

It’s Kyari Pamyu Pamyu!


K pop J pop kinda cool.

Without trying to sound like a misogynistic pig (it’s very easy these days) I find the female singers totally sexy!

As for the music…some of it’s got a groove, and right now I have this constant Black Pink chorus line on repeat in my head. Can’t get rid of it

When you have found this holy grail let me know…

Strangely enough, some traders have that exact guilty mindset, and go on to blow their accounts to pay the penance, and relieve their suffering. Makes me wonder, sometimes, what happened in their lives…

As for cats, I got four, one of whom - an orange, white, black lady - should be on every girly cat calendar…

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