Bitcoin price hits $12K again

Do you think we’re going up from here?

Are you buying?

I’m not sure about short-term trends but long-term it sounds promising, I would expect it will go up

Now it’s back to 10K. It has been that way all summer. :frowning:

Forbes magazine, Sept 4 —

Bitcoin monthly chart from CoinDesk

Forbes magazine, Sept 3 —

down may be to $10000

Gosh, they’re so dramatic! “Under $10k, no turning back!”

Haha! I think there’s a group of traders with large holdings, moving the market whenever they want. It’s all just crossing your fingers.

This year seems to be the best to invest in bitcoin. The prices are only expected to go up in the next couple of years.

Have you invested. I had a good friend start buying in 2011/2012, when btc was under $200. There were some major swings in 2015, and he sold it all!

Exactly how are they going to phrase this next when it hits $12k again in a month :joy:

Well, we’re flirting with a break below $10k. Maybe btc implodes, along with the other currencies and tokens, if the stock market implodes.