Bitcoin price hits $12K again

Do you think we’re going up from here?

Are you buying?

I’m not sure about short-term trends but long-term it sounds promising, I would expect it will go up

Now it’s back to 10K. It has been that way all summer. :frowning:

Forbes magazine, Sept 4 —

Bitcoin monthly chart from CoinDesk

Forbes magazine, Sept 3 —

down may be to $10000

Gosh, they’re so dramatic! “Under $10k, no turning back!”

Haha! I think there’s a group of traders with large holdings, moving the market whenever they want. It’s all just crossing your fingers.

This year seems to be the best to invest in bitcoin. The prices are only expected to go up in the next couple of years.

Have you invested. I had a good friend start buying in 2011/2012, when btc was under $200. There were some major swings in 2015, and he sold it all!

Exactly how are they going to phrase this next when it hits $12k again in a month :joy:

Well, we’re flirting with a break below $10k. Maybe btc implodes, along with the other currencies and tokens, if the stock market implodes.

An article from Brave New Coin ( —

Bitcoin price surges on PayPal news


• Bitcoin price surges to a new 2020 high as a series of bullish news events push crypto markets up.

• One trigger for the move was an official announcement by PayPal that it will begin allowing U.S. users to buy, sell, and store crypto assets. The first assets available on PayPal are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

•The PayPal news follows a series of public announcements from large companies who have decided to add Bitcoin to their balance sheet. Following previous announcements from MicroStrategy and Square, UK banking start-up Mode is the latest company to add Bitcoin to its reserves. The fintech said it will convert up to 10% of its cash reserves into Bitcoin as part of a long-term strategy to “protect investor assets from currency debasement.”

As of the time of this post (4:13 am ET, Thursday, October 22), BTC is $12,777

4 days above $13,000 days. Impressive 22% gains in the last 30 days.

Bitcoin tops $15,000, then backs off slightly.

(click the image to enlarge it)

Now past $19k. Wonder how this run will play out.

I think it will break ATH and then get sold off. :sweat_smile:

The timing will be a sell off on Black Friday, late in the evening. Always happens on Fridays/Saturdays while I sleep.

Maybe you can try sleeping during the day :joy:

I should have looked at the chart. Dropped to 18800 a couple hours ago. Back up above $19000 though. I think we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Will be on the lookout for that selloff on Friday!