Bitcoins? Currency of the future?

Do you believe, on can still make more bitcoin by mining? Does mining actually give hop for one bitcoin?

Bitcoin, the most popular of all, faces a new halving process, that is, a technical process by which the production of blocks by the miners is adjusted and the supply of this virtual currency is reduced; in theory, if demand continues, bitcoin’s price should rise

In my opinion, you should understand that bitcoin is a relatively new technology, and even futurists aren’t sure about its fate.

It’s an artificial currency and it doesn’t belong to any country. You never know how it will behave in the future

very true, and defintiely agree with you

i dont see the point in rejecting something that is clearly being adopted by the masses, and works WELL.

I’m sorry for posting here but is it worth investing in bitcoin in 2020? I want to know if it’s actual nowadays

It sure looks that way as of now. Don’t know whether it’s engineered by the market as some say, but I sure know it’s got value. Hence the high price.

Allocate some amount of your capital to BTC after some sizeable correction (10-20% of your trading capital). Don’t expect extremely good performance, but chances are high that because of high volatility and interest to crypto you will earn some return. Set reasonable goals

Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy so nobody is sure of its future. However, many tech industries are favoring the use of different form of crypto currencies so Bitcoin’s price is likely to rise in future.

Hey, JohnnyH. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of the future because it’s convenient and I suppose that it’s stable. I’ve been investing in bitcoin for two years and I’m glad that I was interested in this topic, but there is a disadvantage of bitcoin, it’s hard to make transactions because someone might steal your personal data, which is not good. Fortunately, we have a lot of sites, which provide anonymity in these cases. Check this article if you want to choose the best bitcoin mixer for yourself. I chose Anonymix and I’m very pleased with it.

Bitcoin should still be around for a while to facilitate certain shady endeavours. It is unlikely to impact global currency or forex market, since government have no control over it.

One world currency? Not in my lifetime… or any lifetime… Unless, more than 90% humans are extinct.

does anyone here trade cryptos on margin at weekends? usually this is when i see the significant movements as result from the week. just wondering who yall trade with at weekends if you do?

Bitcoin is so unstable. I believe gold is way better

I think whatever one invests in they should do extensive research first.

one day, you see

always, would be foolish not to.

no i think fiat will still very much be in the picture ofc

Have been receiving email for something called Etherium. Is it better than Bitcoin?

Ethereum is the next most popular crypto. That said, who is sending you these mails? Is it a legitimate crypto exchange?