BlackBullmarkets Broker New Zealand

Hi there, can anyone share experience with New Zealand Broker BlackBullmarkets? I was thinking of using that one as I have a New Zealand bank account. However, I am a German living in Indonesia, currently without registered domicile anywhere. What would be my best options? I am grateful for any advice.

I have no experience with BlackBull Markets but I saw that they are listed in a popular thread here.

If you you do a search, you’ll also find some reviews from some members who have experience with BlackBull Markets.

I hope you get more replies from members who have experience with them.

Thank you so much for taking your time and coming back to me on this topic - really much appreciated ! I am currently still using their demo account and do hope for other members’ input.

No problem. Still hoping you get more replies from others.

If you have access to your New Zealand bank account from indonesia, why not?

I am also using my demo account to practice forex trading. I spent around 6 months reading books and watching YouTube videos.