Brand Spanking Newbie Already Needs Advice

Hello Everyone,

I don't think you can get much newer than me on this venture.  I am just starting to read the articles on babypips and am appreciative of them, but it looks like I have a long road ahead of me.  A friend introduced me to this and is trying to get me to sign up with IM Academy.  Does anyone have thoughts on whether or not it is a good idea to become a member of IM Academy?  I am not thrilled about the idea of paying a monthly fee to do this, but if it works, then it is worth it.  Any help would be great and truly appreciated!

See how far you can get yourself without paying anyone for assistance first.
Give yourself at least 3-6 months to really determine whether or not trading is something you even want to pursue.

I just looked up IM Academy. It is a multilevel marketing company. That’s probably why your “friend” wants you to join it. He likely will receive monthly commissions from your dues.

ForexUnlimited is right; check out the Babypips school and youtube first. Open a demo account and trade it. Figure out whether you want to trade at all first and then look for a course or mentor.

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I definitely got the feel that it was a pyramid scheme type of deal, so thank you for confirming that. I will check out the suggestions that you provided and I am very appreciative of your help.

Where does one find a mentor in this venture? Also, are there courses that you recommend that I check out? Thank you in advance.

Hi @attyramsey! Check out the free course here: Learn How to Trade the Markets

Hello @attyramsey. Welcome to the community.

I cannot recommend any courses unless I take them myself. I could not find a mentor or course that taught price action or market structure and so I developed my own understanding of these.

However, take a look at the following thread and if it appeals to you then do your own due diligence before you decide to take the course or not. I like that he emphasizes market structure and his YouTube videos are quite good. Beyond that, I don’t know much about the details of the course.

This IM Academy must be real aggressive, been seeing them also on social media. :flushed: I always look up companies and I’ve read pretty terrible reviews on them online. I’d stay away! :no_good_woman:

Thank you for your thoughts, I really appreciate them!

Here is another course that emphasizes market structure. I also like his videos and his explanations are clear. Please do your own research before you decide on purchasing the course.

Researching and exploring the forex market is equally important as an online course. Keep on practicing and gain experience in trading.