Has anyone bought the Transparent Forex Trading mentorship?

What are the rules?

I’m not promote her beginners course.
i’m recommending her youtube channel and i don’t received anything that benefit me at all. I only recommend what i feel worthy.
i also assume u haven’t checked her youtube channel.
All her advanced education are free.
you don’t need to buy her course cause it simply for beginner which can be learn in here babypips or any free websites.

i also feel the same about this comment " they said that it is not really worth the high price as it is not as good as the swing trading strategy saying"

i also want privacy please delete my name, i’m also updating my review. since you guys don’t appreciate my recommendation then i won’t do it anymore.

i prefer privacy since i’m trully not received any benefit at all.

I am sorry if I was too aggressive but I’ve seen many-many comments under youtube videos and other online platforms many times where people post a negative comment about a product or service and in the same time advertising something else especially when it comes to trading, it is disgusting in general. Apologies if it was not your intention. I also deleted your name from my comment.

I watched his free introductory video. He kept mentioning waiting on the rules for confirmation but he does mention the rules by name. He also says it on the trade ideas he post on trading view. I’m curious to get an idea what those rules are. If they make sense, I would buy the program but right now I’m a bit timid since I don’t want to be scammed.

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that’s his marketing strategy. his rules are mention many times in his youtube channel it’s the same only different timeframes. believe me you will disappointed when you buy it unless you are complete newbie or haven’t graduate from babypips course.

Yes I have and its pretty good so far. He really puts in a lot of work.

The rules show you how to get in and out of the trade safely so that your chances of losing are minimized and your chances of gain maximized. They are quite specific but require a lot of practice which you can get by back testing yourself and watching him working through tons of back testing sessions and also his live daily trades which he goes through every single day and which you can also take if you wish. Its a pretty good program with new material every sigle day including weekends. I don’t know of anything quite like it.

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Forex trading mentorship shows how to put the trades in a best way i.e positioning size of your trade. It will help you to learn and gain knowledge on trading. This program will boost your confidence and make you understand how to maximise your profits at minimum risk. Highly recommended program.

guys. all forex education that you need is truly available free in this babypips.com under education section.
all you guys need to do is work on yourself to it, backtested and try it in demo.
after you manage consistently profitable then you can go live.

this is my first and last time i buy forex online course.
stop looking for holy grail or think that you must buy forex course to succeed.
thankfully nik is really passionate at teaching so my money don’t fully go wasted.

Have you done this course?
What did you learn?
Hows your trading going?

I just bought the course a couple of days ago and I have to say it’s actually pretty good. I went through the baby pips course which I’m glad I did because it does a good job of teaching the basics, however, it doesn’t give you a real consistent and profitable strategy. The strategies in this course are definitely worth the purchase price, however, you have to dedicate time to back testing and applying the rules. Also Nic does daily recaps so you can follow his trades which is very helpful. The course is expensive as hell but I guess it’s on par with other courses I’ve seen. If you are a beginner then start with the baby pips course because this one jumps straight to advanced topics.

How is that second day trading course going, are the strategies worth it? Thinking of getting it.

Does he give trade signals, along with stop loss and take profit levels? If yes, how frequent is it and does he provide an update for that particular trade along the way after it’s activated until it’s closed either in profit or loss?

Yes, he provides exact stop loss and take profit levels. Every day he gives us an update on the trades currently open and any new opportunities coming up. Since it’s a swing trading strategy there’s a lot of time to set up the trade even if you get busy and watch the recaps a few hours late.

How much is the average risk to reward and winning rate? If a trade that he posted hits stop loss, does he hide/not update the trade status or acknowledge it to the students?

So far he’s been very transparent and acknowledges any losses. uses a 1: 3 ratio, risk 1% of your portfolio to make 3%.

Hello there TyBOSE,
you are the first saying responsibly that you bought his mentorship so I have some questions.
Does the strategies and videos that he claims in his adverts that is the real deal helped you?
Not by just doing copy/paste of what he says.
If really helped you personally as a new trader (if you are new) to understand the market and make your own strategy, back test and start trading lots by your own.
And I’m asking that because okay let’s say he is really helpful when he makes analysis etc and you copy his ways.
What about if he disappear one day, what is going to happen then?
Is he tutoring you to become a real independent retail trader or you gonna need him for life?
Okay the R ratio, okay the drawdown, okay COT prospective, but in the bigger picture and long term what is happening?
Are we gonna teached something for life or gonna get scammed?

Hi arveN,

The short answer to your question is yes, he is the real deal and it’s not a scam. You will get value from his course. Even if you don’t buy the course there is a lot of value in his free videos on trading view.

Obviously, there is no silver bullet out there, you’ll still need to put in a lot of effort to learn the strategies and apply them. I don’t recommend following anyone’s trades blindly, the goal is to get good at the strategies so you can trade them on your own without following Nik.

Hey guys! Just a little review from me. I bought that course a couple months ago and i personnally think it’s the best investment i’ve made of my life! For as low as 900 euros, the value and quality of knowledge you get is insane. It even is off 300 euros right now.

I don’t want to get into details concerning the rules etc, but it is indeed a gamble you need to take, like i did. However, i’m pretty sure that, especially if you’re relatively new to trading and haven’t gotten a strategy yet, you won’t regret everything you get for your money. Very well structured and very ‘‘transparent’’ (no pun intended ahahaha) with his trading (shows every trade, losses included etc…)

Have you become profitable?

I’m not sure why you’re advising people to take a gamble. Either it helps or it doesn’t. Why is it a gamble? When I recommend something I’m talking from experience so it’s not a gamble and I’m happy to share what I’ve learnt.

Why dont you share some trades to give people an example of the service. That would be better I reckon.