Broker (demo | Live)

currently I have a mt4 demo account(30 days) with axi trader in the uk.(btw is this good ? , I just got it because someone teaching on the net mentioned about it)
AFAIK, once the 30 days finish, I need to shell out money either to open the live a/c or extend the demo a/c.
I don’t think a 30 days time-frame will suffice for me as a practice session and I want more time on this rather than be forced to pay because of a deadline. Are there demo a/c available(with MT4) without time frames and forced costs ?

also as a rookie the day will finally come, so which broker should I go for ? a ‘customer friendly’ broker for someone who is starting with a small wallet. any sources here ?


ic markets if they accept ur country, limitless demo account, ok spreads and trsut worthy

They have both MT4 and MT5 and there is no time limit or charges for demo you can trade for as long as you want

A broker considered good to traders that is “spread” and does not limit any of your trading methods. You can click here : In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade to see me commenting clearly

thanks for giving the link , its will support to make sure which is the best broker.

have you used already ic markets?

using them right now and have been for 3 years

check out that thread, there are more people sharing theyr experience with icmarkets