Broker for beginners?


I am pretty new to trading, in the search for a legit platform to trade on. Been looking around and a few caught my eye. Not into the giants like eToro or Plus500. Has anyone tried Skilling?

Or other suggestions?

Thanks! Cheers.

Howdy. Do they pay well???


Did you check Turnkeyforex or Trader’s way? Both did well, but former has lower spread and cheaper commission as compared to latter. I recommend them both but do your own research to find one.

I’d recommend you to check this thread (Going offshore to escape the CFTC) which I’ve been visiting since long, check it to know more about different brokers.

I am confused about “Skilling”, did you spell that correctly? I don’t use either of them you mentioned, but I suggest you stay away from those, they have too much clients that they don’t give a ■■■■ about new traders with small portfolio. I have been using Forexchief broker for a while now, and they treat traders money with respect.

I am using turnkey forex as well. One of my friends recommended them to me. Good broker, spreads are low, leverage is good.

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I am also a beginner. But before I have made my decision to work with a broker, I have actually tried to conduct proper market analysis to choose a regulated and verified broker. My broker ForexChief is providing me easy transaction services, easier entrance to multiple financial markets in exchange of lower transaction costs and yes I am also receiving complete capital protection. I am receiving full time expert support and free training here from this broker.

You cannot be serious???

Never had heard of Skilling. I use fxbrew they are a good broker for starters.

As a beginner, you should always check forex broker listing and reviews. Few decent ones below;

Forexpeacearmy is a good place to start, I think the reviews are real there because they take proper measures to spot out fake ones. I’ll recommend Forexchief, you can check their reviews.

Do not be TOO sure about FPA. And don’t ask me how I know.

But let me say this:

When looking at ANY reviews you need to look for a COMMON THREAD of problems or issues being reported. With a very little bit of experience it becomes almost second nature to be able to identity the false accounts being paid by the broker to post glowing reviews as does it become easy to take with a pinch of salt those less than stellar reviews where it’s obvious that it’s the trader that doesn’t have a clue and is blaming the broker entirely for their loss. But when you start seeing common complaints e.g. not being able to close out profitable positions, platform disconnects during news data releases, cannot withdraw funds, that type of thing: well then you know there’s issues. All of this of course and where the broker is REGISTERED AND REGULATED (which I cannot stress enough). And registration in Donkey Sh1t City, Republica de Las Paranoias or Republica de Le Shizenhousen, or some remote far flung desert island tropical paradise don’t count (so give it up will you).

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Please can i open my live account with ALPARI because am using it as my demo trading account was there any bad news about them?

Agree with @Ma11y , turnkey is a good to go broker, their conditions are pretty good.

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HI All,

I’m new in FX trading, and I’m hoping that you’d be able to shed some light on my dilemma.
Is there any cost-saving (less admin fee/s, etc.) to trade using the MT4 platform instead of using the broker’s web-based platform? Is there a spread difference between these 2 platforms? Thanks in advance for your response.


I am British but i am using Metatrader 4 i know alot of my friends here use it too and its one of the best ones here

Make sure they are FCA regulated. Do not go to off-shore brokers if you are new.

Plus500 offers over 2000 instruments, among them australian cryptocurrency
where we provide our traders with the possibility to trade all week long, including weekends.
In addition, we offer support in 32 languages which are available 24/7.The Plus500 Islamic trading account is 100% free of interests in accordance with Islamic finance principles: no rollover (swap) charges are incurred. Please note, eligibility is limited to new traders from a number of countries and territories only.

Check out the ATFX. They are FCA regulated and have the best customer services. If you are new, good customer service is very important.

Ask them if they’re registered with the FSCS and if not why not.

Ask them also how they’re getting around the legislation which prohibits a non-qualified and non-registered person from becoming a partner and receiving commissions and rebates etc.

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Check if they offer free education. They way they talk to you. Are they pushy or strongly advising to learn more, practise more. If its a hard sale, stay away.

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