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Does anyone have any experience with any of the following brokers and which would you recommend.



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No worries, I found my answers in another thread.

It seems that brokers you have mentioned are not so popular, so it is quite difficult to find information about them. Among the list above, once I`ve seen information about the second broker, but first and third sound new. Maybe, they have other trade names or abbreviations?

Anyway, you can do your own independent research. First of all, pay attention to the regulatory issues since they are the most important. Check trading conditions too - sometimes strategies could underperform due to the high commissions.
You can also search for various comparisons and reviews of trading platforms describing several brokers and trading conditions they offer. At the same time, traders` feedbacks are also important, so it is a great idea to ask on forums.

Hi, i have not experienced any of the brokers listed but i can recommend ACMBrokers, i have been using it for more than 1 year now

Thank you JC! I have been doing as you recommended.

Got quite a bit of information so far.

I am now looking at TradersWay, LQDFX, LMFX, in that order of reputation.

Thank you Mojisola! I’ve never heard of them though.

I have only heard of EagleFX. They look decent

I used LMFX for a while good broker, but prefer to stick with Tickmill and Hotforex

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EagleFX gives appeal with its ‘same day withdrawals’, but only got started this year.

LQDFX and LMFX have been around since 2015. So in terms of time test I feel more comfortable with these two.

Thank you for this ontario! I’m checking out HotForex alongside Tradersway!

you are welcome.

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Yes please keep us updated about your experience with them!

yeah sure.

I use EagleFX as my offshore option alongside IC Markets. Not had an issue and yes withdrawals are usually only a couple hours.