Brokers vs Traders

At the end of every trading transaction in Forex who are the real
winners would that be brokers or traders?

They both are winners. Many brokers or traders enjoy their position so much that they make it a life-long career.

According to theory, broker is a bridge for trader to fight with the market. So there is no winner between trader and broker. But some brokers are market maker and they fight with trader.

So this means these two career are interchangeably? base on tenko

Broker and trader have the same advantages. they depend on each other to generate the profit. like my broker and they trader

A broker gets paid on commission for helping clients buy and sell investment tools like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Right? By these i can say that a fix amount will be given based on the percentage of its commission.

Some brokers even charge inactivity fees - if you go for months without making a trade (I don’t see this as a good ground for trader)

I think broker was winner because got added more in his portfolio.

I do agree with you on that. Base on my experience and graphs on profits, you will see a stability on the broker side.

The point is that, both trader and broker play different roll in forex and they do have different ways of winning. Brokers benefit from traders as commission but traders have to trade properly to gain profit or maybe lose.

If trader gets profit than if affect both and if they got loss than it may affect both, So as in they both have same value.

You are right about what you said, whether traders lose or gain, broker still benefit from each clients. So to me they win more in the forex world.

Most brokerage are firms that acts as a broker. Business broker, Commodity broker , Forex Broker and other brokers are all winners at every end of the day.

Broker only lose when they don’t have any trader or trader don’t deposit enough to maintain their business (office, employee, MT4 fee, server,…)

This is theoretically correct. but somehow there’s still a gap between who earn a lot and who earn less. But both still win.

A traders much exception with a Broker advisory but it’s not vise versa.

The advantages is always on the side of brokers, and the trustworthiness and truthfulness depends on the brokers implementation. But by the end of the day, brokers and traders need each other. Brokers needs traders for their business to run and trades needs brokers to trade forex.

As for me, winners are both brokers and traders. Trader can become a looser in this war if he don’t know how to trade to make a profit. Also I think broker can be a winner and trader can be a looser if we are talkin’ bout DD broker.

Trade with any ECN brokers n ur good to go. If u go for brokers that offer 1:3000 leverage, offer only 4 decimal accounts, doesnt allow scalping and news trading that theyre clearly bucketshops. Dont trade with them.

But STP brokers are much better for newbies or beginners.

Yes, but if this STP propose u to open account with leverage 1:500 max. Well, there are some newbies that can begin to trade with ECN but as for me, I started to trade with STP on MT4. Two months later I opened an ECN account. And now I’m trading both on STP and ECN accounts.

Generally speaking, I think it’s kind of a win-win situation… people should invest small sums of money (only what they can afford to lose), brokers get part of that money (it’s their job), and some LUCKY guys will get a portion of the pie…
The more you invest in your knowledge the closer you get to the “SOME LUCKY” guys

Sorry, awilix, but I’m not agree with this, I’m trying to deposit more funds to withdraw more funds and kinda able to do this.