Can anybody recommend a good Price Action resource?

Book, course, video series, YT vids, whatever you got.

Help me out! It’s a struggle.


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This thread here got me started, lots of reading through but helpful for sure. Reading through you’ll see questions asked and answered, good logical read.

Chris Capre, 2nd Skies Forex. Best in the business.

Yea, I’ve heard about Chris Capre. I’ll check the other two sources out too. Thanks!

Not many out there are better than Chris- I was a student of his for ~2 years (a long, long time ago) and it elevated my trading skills to the next level. He’s a legit trader, with legit institutional experience. For every 100 “mentors” out there charging $500 for their price action course, this one is actually worth it.

His basis is:
Impulses vs. corrections
20 EMA
Pattern recognition
Some fundamental consideration- but not much

But then he takes it to the next level with a MAJOR focus on psychology (he has legitimate training in cognitive functioning) and risk management.

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They did a interview with him here!

And there’s a GIANT thread here, over 3000 posts! Old, but I’ll try to give it a read.

Yup and Yup. That’s how I found him many many years ago.

Was the thread enough to get started, or did you try one of his courses? He’s got like 4 and a bundle.

Thread was dipping a toe in, price action course + his forum was diving in head first.

Okay cool. I’ll start with some dipping, see where it goes.

Check out some of my recent posts, especially ones w/ charts. On average, 50-70% of the tech analysis I deploy is based on Chris’ methods. It’s pretty simple, which is why I like it and always advertise it. If you’re serious about it, let me know and I can help get you moving in the right direction.

Awesome, really appreciate it!

I got the 8 best Price Action trading strategies from Tradeciety on Youtube.

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He added a bunch more a couple weeks back.