Can beauty pageants ever be empowering?

The pageant for Miss Universe Philippines just ended here a couple of days ago and this is just somethin I’ve been thinking about ever since. :open_mouth: Hmmm. :thinking: What do you think? :open_mouth:

Harmless fun.

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It’s not something I watch or support but if some people like it, whatever works for them. For a while I was also so against this but in the end if some people enjoy it, then by all means. We have women presidents now and more women in different fields, if that’s an industry they want to be part of… :woman_shrugging:


Yes indeed.

Women are adults, and they have a right of self-determination - they can make their own decisions. It is patronising and deprecating of them to assume that they cannot make their own decisions - some people do this because they just don’t like the choices that some women make.


Totally. And it works for anything: religion, politics, should men be taking care of the kids, should moms just stay at home, and 1,000 other controversial topics. :sweat_smile:

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There is nothing wrong with a celebration of feminity - not feminism.

It’s very much a western concept that there is something demeaning in it.

Women in Asia love to express their feminity - it’s a shame western women ever since the 60’s have slowly been brainwashed.

Take a look at the film noir movies of the 40’s those actresses were much more feminine than the super hero, female role model type we have to day.


Definitely agree with the points you guys have shared. :blush: I remember how I’ve been so unsure of what I feel about beauty pageants. :confused: I then saw this video on YT since I’ve been into Japanese culture lately:

It got me even more confused, thinking that these beauty pageants only impose certain beauty standards and make people compare themselves with other people. :open_mouth: But then again, I think there’s nothing wrong with celebrating beauty. :blush:

You said it right. :slightly_smiling_face:

But let’s not forget that such pageants inspire girls to go through rigorous dieting to the extent of harming themselves. In that respect, it’s the opposite of empowering.

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Yeah. :open_mouth: Of course, there’s also that side to it. :confused: But I’m happy to see that more and more women are starting to embrace their own brand of beauty nowadays. :open_mouth: Beauty standards have become more diverse and open. :blush:

Don’t sports competitors also take their own development to the limits of personal harm? And in many sports, the activities themselves contain significant risks. It is for each adult individual to determine what is harm and what is not, and what level of personal harm is acceptable - to them.



Here in Thailand they have the ‘Praguat Ngam Chang’

Or the beauty contest for elephants - a beauty contest for larger women (I kid you not that’s the translation).

The contestants are so proud to be who they are and don’t concern themselves at their weight


Yeah, I can see how pageants are comparable to a few “risky-sports” in that respect but I also feel that sports don’t aim at “empowering” either of the sexes, at least, not in the way beauty pageants are supposed to.

I read about it over the web. It says that the contest judges are actually looking for a woman who embodies the grace, elegance, and enormity of an elephant. Also, the winner is crowned as “Daughter of the Elephant” which all makes sense because elephants are considered sacred in Thailand.

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Every competitor is empowered. The more the competition is broadened, the greater the total empowerment. Just the same in both sports and and beauty pageants.

Nope! Just a money making venture!

So all ventures that make money are worthless? Like major sports, the Olympics, Formula One, Wimbledon? They’re all worthless?

I confess I find these pageants somewhat pointless. Beauty is a very subjective thing, and picking up a winner is also a very subjective and arbitrary thing.

Yes, its subjective. But isn’t viewing great works of art likewise? Surely simple objectivity cannot confirm an experience to have value?