Chart Analysis and Trade ideas

Join us in this battle. Me and the lady fear no one. It might be between us, but I see no reason why others can not join? It is up to her, off course. I can not change the rules without the Lady saying it is OK.

AUD CAD BUY VS USD JPY Sell most pips wins, no sceenshot necessary though, just type your entry. the battle begins.

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True. What is the cut-off time? My AUD pairs are no strangers running for 13 hours.

I don’t mind honestly cos it’s a healthy battle……plus pple can benefit from it so anyone interested can join.

And I encourage interactions on this post.

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You can do it based on the pip count btw the entry point and the high of the candle of the day after it is closed.
Ofcourse you can opt for other ways.

there is no cut off time as such because you might wanna let it run, the cut off day is the 14th, but we can also type in our take profit area

if you are happy with your pip count you can also post here (closed position)

sold usd jpy entry 115.622

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Good morning, fxforextrading.

AUD/CHF = Buy @ 0.66216. SL set for 0.66083 and TP set for 0.66349. Trailing Stop set for 123 pips.

I am not too happy about this trade, since my TP is above a 4H Fib line, but I trade my system, even if I am not happy about it.

Good luck with your USD/JPY trade.


GA moved up about 40pips from where it was when I called a coming reversal……now it has dropped 60pips from when I posted it and 100pips from it’s reversal point.
Let’s see how far it’s willing to drop…cheers.

Are u dropping AUDCAD? Cos it’s going your way as at the last time I checked.

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GBPJPY has moved 30pips towards the continuation (buy)……I’m waiting for it’s reaction towards the last swing high @157.761.
Buy still valid till we spot a good rejection for our reversal….Cheers.

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morning Ignis_Draco
i’m not happy with how my usd jpy also is performing atm sl 115.889. I’m just gonna let it run see with it comes up with tomorrow morning
I have 2 other trades i put in late (not for the comp) watch out for eur jpy and eurnzd sell
happy trading :slight_smile:

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Good morning, Janey.

Yes, even though AUD/CAD did as I predicted being seriously oversold, it did not hit all my check points for opening it up in a trade. I prefer to stick to my trading rules, even if it means that I am clearly letting an opportunity to make some money go. It works out better in the long run sticking to your strict rules you set for yourself than getting a few right while losing much more.

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My AUD/CHF is doing good at the moment, but that 4H Fib Line standing between me and my TP is still a worry for me.

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cool yes i’m up 20 pips in my eurnzd sell its falling like a brick

Did you close your USD/JPY trade?

yes i did i closed it on just eurnzd and eurjpy sell now

well just mark today as you win, because your aud cad beat my usd jpy all good, tomorrows another day

I traded the AUD/CHF, not the AUD/CAD.

My AUD/CHF hit my SL, so I am currently -133Pips in this race.