Charts I'm Watching for Future Trades

Markets looking nastyyyy

Went exactly as planned. Good way to start the day lol

USDCAD. Playing either way

Crypto falling with the markets too

Sell Stop under NZDUSD support

Copper Sell Stop worked out as plannef. NU hasnt hit

Opened 2 shorts 30-45 min ago. USDCAD and EURCAD

TP hit

Still in USDCAD

TOS account totals today

Starting 0/1 today

Thank you for sharing

thank you. wish we had more participants in here, lol. but its all good… only 1/3 today. my 2 other trades canceled each other out bascially, so i was negative $615 or so on the day… i had set a pre-order on SP500 and got stopped out. i played the LOD and it bounced right up

Nice work my man .
Always good to see the Highs and lows of peoples trading transparency that is lacking with others

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thank you brother, appreciate that… Dollar is rising, I shouldve shorted GBPUSD and EURUSD. mad i missed out on those

0/2 today so far. really frustrated with this choppiness. v-bottoms. v-tops etc

My only Win today lol. Wish I went in bigger lol

Nothing but red on TOS acct. Tomorrow is a new day

USDCAD above 50 MA on Daily

Gold Sell Stop in. Let’s see what happens