Chat room


I see that we now have a Chat Room (or at least this is the first time I’ve noticed it).

Is this for anyone and everyone to use?

If so - then I can’t login i.e. it gives me an error ‘invalid username or password’ even although I am logged in to the board and have cookies enabled.

If it’s not for anyone and everyone - no problem then.



hi i have actually the same problem with the user name and password.

why is that?please

btw thank you very much for the chat room i think this was the thing we all were missing here.great job guys and keep it up.

have a good one

me too :confused:

Looks like they might still be working on something there.

Happy to see that they responded to our ideas so enthusiastically, that was fast! :slight_smile:

Hope to have it running soon.

Great work Admin and all.


E. Lang

I am getting the same error, incorrect username and password. I notice some people are able to get in. I wonder what is going on…

I can see you are in the chat room right now swordofrue.

I am still unable to get in, i receive the same username and password error.

I wonder what the problem might be.

E. Lang

I know i’m new here so feel free to kick my ass for making suggestions, but it would be very neat if the chatroom window could flash its startbar icon on activity. I’m not sure this can be done with PHP, but if memory serves it should be do-able in javascript!

Thanks and a fantastic site!

this chat room is garbage. it never works, i’m sick of trying.

Ouch Halo. Don’t give up just yet. We’re looking into it. We’ll let you know once we figure out what’s casusing these problems.

I don’t know jack about your set up. But if their is an authentication issues for some users and not others then wouldn’t it point towards the database that stores that information?

Just a thought, not trying to be a prick, just trying to be helpful.

Chat room fixed! Everyone jump in!

I wonder if my comments had anything to do with it :wink:
Yes I am that self-centered, hehehehe

Thanks for fixing it guys. And the float function is awesome!

They are busy trying to transfer from one SQL to another so it probably will be awhile before this issue is resolved. My theory is that the Chat room can only authenticate from one database but they have several.

I guess they are still working on it because I tried it for the first time and I get the [B]“invalid username or password”[/B] message as well. Then again it could be a problem with my ID since I have been seeing people in the lobby and this ID of mine has a bunch of problems because of the “underscore” in my user id. I haven’t been able to play games in months :mad:


The chat should be excellent though…huyrry up and fix guys…seriously dudes//

Sorry everyone! We’re doing our best to get the login issues resolved. Believe me, we want to get it working soon…I get pretty lonely in the chat all by myself :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. It’s enough to just know it’s being worked on because it will be we’ll worth it when it’s fixed. It just gets confusing when some people say it’s working fine, then others say it isn’t :D. Then again that’s why this is a beta.

Thanks for all your efforts!


Hello Guys,
I was wondering anybody could access to the chatroom or not>?

I am able to get in.

Not all the features work, like the sound, but I can get in.

Chat room seems to be working perfectly well now!

For the first time it actually works fine for me too :). Now all I need is the arcade games to work so I can get my high scores back during FX breaks.