Cheap simple broker

Hello baby!

Im looking for a broker with low spreads/commission/interest just one where i can buy and sell currency pairs but with margin trading. The broker doesnt need a charting program a good look or what so ever. Just a simple tool to buy and sell. I would love to hear some brokers with those things!


This is my suggestion has a cent account has the lowest spread supports free swap accounts

Dude, Forexchief is the easiest broker I have ever used. Everything is simple. Spreads are low asf and execution is light speed. No useless rules on the platform. Which means you can use any trading strategy, Withdrawing fund fast and straight forward. Looking for simple, come over here.

For charting you can use tradingview, it is very powerful platform for technical analysis and exchanging trading knowledge with high end user interface. For trading purposes I would suggest you to try Tickmill, Hotforex or Interactive Brokers they are basically leaders in the industry.

You mean like buy and sell command in Binary/Deriv has? Although you can analyze the market using tradingview, but it will always take some seconds to alt-tab-ing from it to the buy/sell interface. You can try FreshForex if you are looking for low spreads/swap. Tho I just analyze and execute trades through their MT4 (which every broker has), but that is what I tend to do for trading in general.

To find the right broker for you, you will have to try and test different brokers at the same time. This will tell what different brokers are good at. When you know what you are looking for, choosing a broker becomes much easier.

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True. I think testing demo accounts with a few shortlisted brokers might be helpful too.

Well, isn’t that the easiest thing you’re looking for out there? There’s no shortage of brokers that are low cost and have lower spreads. Just select some reputed or regulated ones and go with them. I mean that’s what I did with Xtb, Fxview. The commissions are very low and the spreads are pretty tight as well. Worked on their demos for a month or so and then went live.

With this broker, can people in America open an account? And are they regulated or unregulated?

For low commissions, fxview is one broker I would suggest. They’re just charging $1 per lot per side.

Which one are you using among the three?

Hello there. Have you made a decision yet? Some brokers are very well regulated but low spreads and commission is never their strong suit. Only a few has Low spreads and easy to deal with. When I registered with Forexchief, it was quite easy. I started trading same day. Its been more than 1 year now and smoothly running. I recommend this if you want low spreads and fast execution with less slippage.