Coffee is life, don't you agree?

Its possible. The just supposed to be dishwasher-proof and obviously it accepts hot liquids but maybe the heating and cooling just weakened it in the end.

Either way, in an old English phrase, its “up the spout”.

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It’s a labour of love, I guess.

This sounds nice! Do you have a preference between espresso and Americano? I hope I got this right. From my experience, an Americano is an espresso with a lot of milk, right?

I would say coffee is the beginning of life. It’s like the sprinkling of water onto the seed.

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Actually more water. No milk unless you add it. Perhaps is more similar to what a drip coffee machine makes.

Espresso is delicious, but there’s just not enough of it! Hence the Americano and additional water added, maybe to take off a bit of full flavor from a traditional non-American cup of coffee. I could be totally wrong here.

But I tend to like the Americano produced by my machine combined with a “coffee”. So maybe it’s in-between a coffee and Americano, at least the way my machine makes it.

The latte option requires a ton of milk. A cappuccino is maybe half to a 1/3 the milk of a latte. Lots of flavor
and foam with the cappuccino!

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My day would not be the same without it. And I’d probably go through several days or weeks of withdrawal if I were to stop drinking coffee.

I don’t even want to think about that.

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Well, you certainly know more than I do! haha

Perhaps I should get a book on coffee basics. I’ll add it to my list!

You know what I was thinking would be cool? To go to different countries and buy some local coffee beans. It’d be a nice story to tell while sharing. It’d also be nice to see if you can tell the difference between your everyday stuff and the stuff from abroad.

Well, if I want to go crazy, I’ll do a large Americano and then add a double shot of espresso to it. So in effect, 3 espresso shots, watered down. Add a little caramel creamer and man, you’ve got a delicious drink and the caffeine shakes for a bit!

I get a lot of work done!

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I always regret this burst of productivity lol.

As they say, caffeine borrows from the future. So come time to sleep, I’m just there…, tired, non-functional, but wide awake. Aand the cycle starts the following day!

I’m reading this book called Caffeine Blues:

I don’t think I can ever quit coffee but it’s nice reading about that possibility lol

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I make the coffee every morning, excpet on sunday when my wife makes it for me.:coffee:


Ristretto espresso shots. Learned about them today. Finer grind and half the water. Results in a strong and sweeter espresso shot.


This is what I get but if you get it a Starbucks it will still taste burnt no matter what. :joy:

A lot of that lingo is new to me. I love to hear people geek out about something they like!