Coffee is life, don't you agree?

I’ve actually been using a French press more often than drip coffee. Way cheaper! And if you’re in the US and near a Costco, I came across some decent cold brew.

La Colombe Draft Latte Cold Brew. 3 flavors - vanilla, mocha and triple shot

I’ve made the plunge. Final bought a superautomatic espresso machine. Espresso is in my future! Very excited!

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Arrived today! Within 30 minutes tried an Americano, latte macchiato and coffee. Small sizes of course. Now I’m wired! Time to clean the house!


Indeed, coffee is love. But there are days when I drink more tea than coffee. Anyone else?

I haven’t jumped on the tea wagon.

How do you take your tea?

I’ve been getting my caffeine in double coffees and Americanos with an extra shot of espresso.

Coffee fits in every mood so well, In a bad mood it relaxes the mind, In a good mood it adds up the fun.

I totally agree.

And the tingling of the spine when the caffeine hits. :slight_smile:

And recommendations on whole bean coffee brands? Trying to broaden my pallet.

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Not really a coffee person. But at times, it is something you really need.

I drink coffee every single morning. Feels off if I don’t. I guess you could say I’m addicted to it, but then again I’ve never been addicted to anything else, so it’s strange to think about.
I’m still using a cheap store bought coffee maker though, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. :yum:

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More of a Tea person myself but I always enjoy the smell of a freshly made pot of coffee but don’t like the taste , bit strange I know!

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What kind of grinder do you use? Manual or electric? Is there a difference? I imagine the electric one is easier, and that’s the only difference. I think grinding your coffee manually is a labor of love kind of thing, no?

I knew a guy that when he and his friends would go partying and crash at his house, his mother would never wake them up. She would simply start cooking breakfast. The smell of breakfast got everyone up with ease. He told me his friends particularly loved the smell of bacon and coffee!!

Two weeks ago I found my coffee machine jug had shattered in the dishwasher. Blast!
Maybe I should wash such things by hand in future…

I got a new one from Amazon last week and the first jug of coffee I made I forgot to put the filter basket thing into the machine and all the coffee got stuck in the funnel thing. The coffee was weak and the machine was covered in coffee grounds. Blast!


Sorry to hear about that @tommor :confused: here’s a virtual cup of for you :coffee: have some doughnuts, too. :doughnut:


I’m thinking of starting a new thread called
Things That Went Wrong For Me This Week…



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Yes, that’s me.

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Electric is all I’ve ever used. I now have a fancy Philips super automatic coffee and espresso machine with built-in grinder. 12 different grinder settings.

Push a couple buttons and presto, espresso, coffee, Americano, lattes and cappuccinos at your finger tips.

Manual grinding doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

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Hot and cold temps break the glass you think? Cleaning that out must have been fun?!?

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