Color combinations for your trading charts

Which color combinations do you guys prefer to use, especially in a dark mode setting? Do you stick with the classic green and red, or do you have any alternative color schemes that work well for chart readability and reducing eye strain?


Yup I stick to the classic ones. It’s the lines I draw where I get a bit more creative and choose different colors!

Me too, I stick to green and red on the dark themed background my broker’s charts provide.

I always use the same colour for all EMA’s - dark blue for 20 and brown for 50 (also green for 100 and purple for 200 if I, rarely, want to see them). The colours are the same for all time-frames so I get the important bit right - which is the fast and which is the slow.

On my PC chart programme I use their default white background but I coulour this for W1 (blue) and M1 (yellow) time-frame charts so that I always know they are not my standard D1’s.

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Black & white for dark mode. Basically, inverse from the classic black & white chart.

I use the classic red and green and am always on the light mode.

Wow that’s interesting. Doesn’t it hurt your eyes? Ever since I switched to dark I’m now blinded by light mode :joy:


So when I returned to trading recently, being based in Japan this time, I came across an interesting fact. The default colours for candlesticks in Japan is NOT Green/Red, but Red/Blue! With Red being the bullish candle, and Blue being the bearish one.

(Source: IG Trading Charts page - チャート機能紹介|テクニカル分析|IG証券 )

Personally I stick with Dark Mode and Green/Red, but use the Japanese default colours for Heikin-Ashi charts, just so I can tell at a glance which chart type I have it set to.

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That’s really interesting! It must be a bit of an adjustment seeing red as the bullish candle.

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I’m the type that is always on light mode on my phone too. I dont know if it’s just more convenient for me. Surprisingly, light mode doesn’t bother my eyes. I guess it’s all about personal preference. I find it easier to read charts and numbers in light mode.

What about at night? You don’t change it even when it’s dark outside?

This is what mine looks like. Easy on the eyes.


Dark mode, green/red. I have an external monitor for my charts, which is decently large. So much white would hurt my eyes!


I like the colors and it does look easy on the eyes. I might give this a try on my own chart. Thanks for sharing!

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TV app on my phone. Dark mode as well, green/red.


I prefer dark mode, red and green for my candlesticks and blue, yellow, orange for my lines and other stuff.

The dark mode gives my eyes peace😌

For real, the light mode is like exposing my eyes directly to sunlight.:joy:

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I also use dark mode for my charts but, that’s kinda of an issue.
When we start using dark mode in our apps or charts (and after using them for a while), our eyes tend to get more sensitive to light. Not very good tho.

I just think the dark mode I can focus more on the candles. Weird, I know but true ahah I change a lot tho, a lot of apps I use in light mode

My eyes were turning red. I went to the doctor and he said to be careful about being so close to the screen.

I moved my laptop back a few inches and I lean back in my chair when looking at charts. My eyes eventually went back to normal.

Perhaps try reducing the brightness and turn on a lamp nearby?

No I don’t :joy:. I still use light mode. Just my preference I guess.