Constant strategy

Hello everyone, I have developed a trading system, a holy grail, the kind of trading system that many people have eagerly pursued and sought after. I am going to be sharing my signals free of charge here.

I can guarantee you that all my signals will be profitable.

Maximum drawdown will not exceed 5%.

Feel free to copy these signals.

Moreover, I will share my trading strategies will all of you step by step.


My first trade would have been EURTRY, Buy at 6.5848

we are not going to trade this pair because 4hr analysis indicates we shouldn’t trade it,

More profitble signals will follow

I would never follow entry signals unless I understood the strategy.

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@tommor I will share my strategy very soon, just want to show people that indeed it works and then share it publicly, I use only three indicators, ema, stochastic, and rvi.
I also do daily, 4-hr, 1 hr, 30-minute analysis, but use 1 minute chart to enter a trade.

Mmmm the holy grail and free signals. Max drawdown of 5%. I will wait with bated breath.

It must be Christmas. :santa:



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Hi @blackduck so sad i didnt share my first signal with everyone, I was trading EURZAR today, my target was 5% but didnt have enough margin because my greed told me to trade UK100 as well. Hope they allow sharing links here because you can also see my trading here (sorry cant share links because I am a new user) it went perfectly well until now,

Wish there is a place I could share my link (MQL) but will also create a telegram group where we (both experienced traders and learners) can discuss and hare our strategies. Personally, I use three indicators, EM, RVI, and Stochastic.

@Blackduck image

Sell GBPNOk 11.7454 take profit 11.7321. I am not trading this one.


Take profit hit, 122 pips.

Guys I need you to advise me on the most effective way I can share my signals, free of charge. I wish the MQL5 platform supported such free sharing of signals.

I did not trade it because the hourly analysis discouraged me, all the other analyses indicated time to sell.

Why can’t you explain your system here?

I was expecteding to Sell EURsgd at 1.5060 take profit 5 pips, stop loss 10 pips

I am not doing it because price is likely to bounce of the marked red line, you will learn my strategy stepp by step.

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it did not bounce off my line of resistance, but I am sure there will be other profitable opportunities to trade. It is always a good strategy to stay out of all loss-making trades.

High Risk Strategy 2: Buy EURGBP 0.8537 take profit 10 pips stop loss 20 pips

Use very small lot size, trade unconfirmed


That is it, who followed my trade?
More signals coming, commen below if you would like to learn my strategy.

Pray do tell FG

Happy new year everybody. I am looking forward to a fantastic year ahead full of blessings from God and with uncountable profitable trades. As usually, I will continue to provide free forex signals that I believe with be helpful to learners in forex as well as professional traders.