Constant strategy

what about eurtry, a chance to make profit selling?

Yes, there was a trading opportunity

Looks interesting, but could you explain more?
What is your confirmation? Is it the cross on BOTH stochastic and RVI on every timeframe from Daily down to 30m until you go to 1m and wait for touch of the MA before you enter a trade?
Could you show a trade you take from the beginning to the end? And how do you decide SL and TP? Thanks

good luck, it will take “months” alot of effort and patience to see if a trading strategy works consistently over time

Sure. Feel free to search.

high risk strategy 2 (haron kagathi)

This is the key if you want to evaluate my results.

This is key on Google if you want to see my results.

why do you use rvi

because it helps me identify profitable trades. Whenever I spot a trading opportunity, I use RVI to evaluate the strength of the trend. With constant practice, the appearance of the RVI will help you evaluate how strong a given trend is.

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Please adjust your stop loss to lock profits


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