Coronavirus Tracker

Hi guys. :frowning: I really really hope you’re all safe and healthy, especially the elderly. :frowning:

Anyway, I think it’s best for us to keep ourselves updated with the status of the coronavirus patients and a friend shared this tracker with me. :frowning: Not sure if we already have this on the forums but just in case we don’t, here it is. (If we do, I’ll gladly ask the mods to delete the post. :open_mouth: )

Stay safe everyone!

We now have 187 cases compared to yesterday’s 140. :frowning: It’s crazy. They said we only had 800+ testing kits, and if this is true, that means around 25% of the ones who got tested are infected. :frowning: I can’t imagine how many more people are positive but just haven’t gotten themselves checked. :frowning:

After the last patient from Macao has reportedly recovered, just today, Macao reports one newly imported novel coronavirus case. :open_mouth:

It’s crazy how I was panicking about 187 cases and we now have over 5,000. :frowning: :frowning: Numbers are still steadily increasing and I don’t think we’re gonna be able to flatten the curve any time soon. :frowning:

But it’s definitely a good thing that we’re now conducting mass testing. :open_mouth:

The fact that a developing country like Vietnam :clap::clap: is included, if not at the top of this list, just goes to show that it’s not impossible for a country like the Philippines to successfully combat Covid-19. :confused: If only the government prioritized the pandemic instead of their own politicking agenda. :frowning:

Vietnam did an absolutely fantastic job, especially considering how large the population is and how densely it is populated.

Definitely! :open_mouth: Taiwan and New Zealand were also outstanding in their handling of the pandemic. I hope WHO cooperates with these countries to guide other countries towards defeating the virus too. :open_mouth:

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Japan has also banned the entry of 111 countries to prevent the further spread of the new coronavirus. :open_mouth:

I hope other countries learn from them to crush the curve too. So far things look bleak, unfortunately.

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I hate that people don’t believe that it is real…

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Same goes for my country. :confused: The lockdown is over and people are now out and about, even despite our numbers reaching 1,000 per day without mass testing being conducted. :frowning: Whenever I think about it, I just get so sad and depressed. :confused:

I knoooow! :frowning: It’s so frustrating. What kind of proof is needed to show that it’s a real thing and it could cost you your life and the lives of your loved ones! :frowning:

I am so sorry. I hope we’ll both be safe, together with our families.

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I hope everyone there is safe! :open_mouth:

We’re now at 20k cases. It’s crazy. We still have 6,000 unconfirmed tests and we’re adding to that daily. :confused:

Our cases are spiking 20 days after loosening restrictions. We only have about 2700 cases - according to tests - but we are also only doing 1200 tests per day, so who knows what the real number is. It’s all very concerning.
Are people in your country at least wearing masks en masse? We have trouble with that too here.

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Hmm. What’s the estimate population in your country? :open_mouth: 2700 cases is pretty low, I think. :open_mouth: So that’s good, maybe? As for the masks, people obediently wear them here if they have access to some. But I think our supplies are still lacking so some people can’t get their hands on masks they could use. :confused:

7 million people, give or take a few hundred thousand.
Our government made masks recommended and not mandatory when indoors, so now some people don’t wear any.
As for lack of masks, one can make their own, when necessary. At the beginning when we had no I ended up sewing some for my family and me.

With all the protests happening all over the world, I’m interested to see what the case count will be in about 2 weeks… :cold_sweat:

I worry about that too. I guess only time will tell. :frowning: