Coronavirus Tracker

Hi guys. :frowning: I really really hope you’re all safe and healthy, especially the elderly. :frowning:

Anyway, I think it’s best for us to keep ourselves updated with the status of the coronavirus patients and a friend shared this tracker with me. :frowning: Not sure if we already have this on the forums but just in case we don’t, here it is. (If we do, I’ll gladly ask the mods to delete the post. :open_mouth: )

Stay safe everyone!

We now have 187 cases compared to yesterday’s 140. :frowning: It’s crazy. They said we only had 800+ testing kits, and if this is true, that means around 25% of the ones who got tested are infected. :frowning: I can’t imagine how many more people are positive but just haven’t gotten themselves checked. :frowning:

After the last patient from Macao has reportedly recovered, just today, Macao reports one newly imported novel coronavirus case. :open_mouth: