Coronavirus's impact on the global economy and business

I’m starting this thread for those who are interested in coronavirus’s economic impact.

How much does it impact the global economy and what are the consequences of it?

As we could see on the World Economic Forum:

  • China’s economic growth expected to slow to 4.5% in the first quarter of 2020 – the slowest pace since the financial crisis, according to a Reuters poll of economists.
  • “Global oil demand has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus,” says the International Energy Agency.
  • Factory shutdowns are slowing the flow of products and parts from China, affecting companies around the world, including Apple and Nissan.

As China grapples with the coronavirus, the economic damage is mounting around the world.

Businesses are dealing with lost revenue and disrupted supply chains due to China’s factory shutdowns, tens of millions of people remaining in lockdown in dozens of cities and other countries extending travel restrictions.

Any news or opinions of your own?


This Virus was already causing issues in Global supply chains 3 week ago…

It’s a lot worse now… so many businesses are going to the wall because of it.

Why the AUD has smashed through the $0.66 Support… I hope everyone has been short…


Great video.

It very much affects Asian stocks.

BNP advises investors to consider investing in Asian markets with little ties and even lesser dependence on China’s production industry. But also, we can expect a sharp rebound of the Chinese stocks after the virus is gone.


I haven’t watched that video yet, I will when I have more time. But I wanted to put a question out there since I don’t really understand whats going on with the Coronavirus. (If any of this is addressed in that video, sorry, I’ll watch it tonight)

Why is this such a big deal? The Coronavirus is about half as deadly as the Flu, 3.4% compared to 6.8%. Italy (383 cases) only has a death rate of 3.2%. South Korea (1261) and Japan (172) have death rates less than 1% Younger than 50 the death rate is 0.2%. SARS and MERS (something I didn’t even know about til this morning) had much higher death rates.

I know i’m harping on death rates, but if its not particularly deadly, I don’t understand the panic. And I’m not trying to argue, I just ignorant as to why this is having such an impact when it doesn’t seem really serious based on the numbers.

I understand some of the business effects, but how much of this is fear and how much of this is actual fact?

Newspapers are creating panic.

What is serious is that China is having many economic problems because of the virus outbreak. And China is interconnected with many other economies depending on her.

The outbreak has the potential to cause severe economic and market dislocation and makes a lot of damage to the world economy. Even the US stocks and indexes are already influenced by it.

@zacj346, No one really knows the true Ro or the death rates of this contagion… China isn’t telling the truth about the numbers infected or deaths… the CCP is desperate to retain control and doesn’t have enough police (or army) to subdue millions of marauding citizens in their cities. Fear is the only weapon that will stop chaos.

Governments of most countries (including Australia) are refraining from releasing the true extent of what is happening on the ground in a bid to stop anarchy, panic and runs on essentials in stores.

We will have a better idea of the real numbers now the Virus has spread to Europe and beyond… If the rates coming out of Iran are true, the figures are frightening, but this is another regime that information cannot be properly verified.

The main issue is the sharp Global slowdown of trade between countries… This may cause even more carnage than the GFC once it’s over… the world’s economies where already starting to fracture… the Coronavirus has just sped up the decline to a level that is very damaging to fragile or exposed countries.


It seems it already puts a lot of pressure on some of the major currencies - GBP/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/USD, for example. As well as to some US and other indexes, like Dow Jones and S&P for example.

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Have you checked the China’s PMI that was released today? Now that’s a crash on Q1 and Q2 probably.

Yes. Manufacturing activity in the country fell to record lows last month. Also, China’s Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 3.7% on Friday.

I think this fact alone has markets in fear. China isn’t known for its transparency. But also, like Trendswithbenefits is saying, there has to be a balance in communications. Too much negative information and you have a panic on your hands. Not enough information and you get conspiracy theories galore.

What I’m wondering is how this will affect the US stock market. I mean we saw what happened last week but today it looks like it’s starting to rebound. Wondering if this is temporary and we’re still gonna see continued selloff in the coming days…

Maybe it sounds a little bit cruel- but now, as we have the infected also in our countries (Europe) we will know in nearest future how high the death rate realy is…

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Another interesting fact is, that bad news do not allways influence the markets in the way also the bank analysts expect them to move (i mean currencies, indices, commod, shares…) So the rule “more corona infected in South Corea and in Europe makes the Aussie/Kiwi and EUR fall and gold will rise” was proven absolutely wrong, when we remeber what happend to gold for example.

But there is no doubt, that economical circumstances change,and that has negativ impact on special parts of the economy, what leads logically to governmental actions like increasing the money supply to support the companies.

And if its not possible to controll this virus within next weeks, one thing is definetely sure.:as i mentioned above gold does not react immediatly on bad news release,but on weeks basis gold will head against 1700 or higher

Germany is pledging EUR 1 billion to aide coronavirus efforts, while two economist signal that a German recession will happen this year.

One million people in Canada lost their jobs in February 2020. The worst figure since the Global Financial Crisis.

When combined with Canadians experiencing reduced hours, its total would lift the number up to 3.1 million.

Crazy numbers for sure. I imagine it will get worse before it gets better.

US is at 22 Million. Which is underselling reality.

The US is going by way for Canada most likely, to hit 15% unemployment rate by the end of the month. That’s just unbelievable.

A decade’s worth of job growth gone in 4 weeks. So sad.

This pandemic is costing humanity so much - first in terms of lives lost and then in terms of ruining the economy. How I wish the world had reacted faster and harder the moment we all saw what happened in Wuhan.

A crazy stat but imaginable given the circumstances

70% of international flight capacity gone. Nuts. All the major American airlines have asked for aid, some getting it this week. But man, I could see depressed flight capacity go on for months.