COT data to indicator

Does anybody know where I can get the Commitment of Traders indicator put onto MT4? I’ve searched and seen some of them that requires manual data input and it does get confusing a little bit. I am wondering if any of you know if there’s any preprogrammed indicator around? Nevermind the fact that data needs to be input manually, as far as I know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t eve heard of a COT indicator, care to share what this is all about?


Ahhh, don’t know if troll.

The Commitment of Traders data which can be plotted in (I think) MT4 in one of the lessons on here.


I’ve seen one.
I signed up to get it - but have never received the link, and they’ve not responded to any of my emails requesting an update. Given that I’m not sure I’d trust their data feed.

[B]so… use this link at your own risk:[/B]
Free COT Indicator for MetaTrader – Download it now!

I’ll let you know if I ever get any traction with the link above.

[B]In the meantime I’ve been using:[/B]
Commodity Futures & FOREX Price Charts

Not the best looking charts in the world, but with tweaking they get to be decent enough, and you don’t need to use them for main trade analysis. I just use it for the CoT.

Hope that helps!


Thank you very much, even though I haven’t looked at them yet, I am just happy that I am exposed to more information!


The following link is also useful for viewing the futures, volume and COT data:

Currencies Futures Prices

Given that COT only changes once a week I don’t think there’s really much need for it to be part of your MT4 charts. Keeping it open in a browser window is enough for me anyway.


Forgive me for saying … but I’ve just had my wrists slapped for putting a link in a post and the post removed, it was just for free downloads like the ones above, no advertising, just some free ebooks I thought may be useful for newbies like myself, so how come links for free downloads have been allowed in this thread :confused:

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Timing Charts has been redesigned so the charts look and work much better now. The Commitments of Traders data has been greatly expanded too.


they usually go to the staffroom to laugh at our stupid posts


This is a good website for COT. Example for GBP/USD

British Pound - Commitment of Traders Chart


ну точно согласна. ничего не понимаю почему они здесь делал такои фарш, - ну нечево страшно, - смешно
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THNX a lot,
That helps much_ your 2nd link is really useful?

Hi guys,

As side result of my work I’m currently doing I’ve implemented a small package with Commitment Of Traders (COT) reports and US economic data indicators. I’ll be happy to share it with you for free - you can download the package here - Download Indicators Package - DarkMindFX.
In order to install it please follow the instructions on that page.
Here is how it should look in your MT4 terminal:

It currently displays the values in form of Dealers, Asset Managers and Leveraged Funds net positions. And the values are available for 30+ instruments. It’s Futures-and-Options values and they are taken directly from CFTC website.
NOTE: it’s just a side effect of my work so if something won’t work as expected - drop me a line here and I’ll try to help you ASAP.
All you need to do is to specify the COM market code of the instrument you want to see. Here is the list of instruments and their COT market codes:
COT Canadian Dollar 90741
COT Swiss Franc 92741
COT British Pound 96742
COT Japanese Yen 97741
COT Euro Fx 99741
COT Australian Dollar 232741
COT Euro Fx/British Pound 299741
COT Russian Ruble 89741
COT Mexican Peso 95741
COT Brazilian Real 102741
COT New Zealand Dollar 112741
COT S.African Rand 122741
COT DJIA Consolidated 12460+
COT DJIA 124603
COT S&P 500 Consolidated 13874+
COT S&P 500 Stock Index 138741
COT E-mini S&P 500 Stock Index 13874A
COT NASDAQ-100 Consolidated 20974+
COT NASDAQ-100 Stock Index (Mini) 209742
COT Russel 2000 Mini Index Future 23977A
COT Nikkei Stock Average 240741
COT MSCI EAFE Mini Index 244041
COT MSCI Emerging Mkts Mini Index 244042
COT E-mini S&P 400 Stock Index 33874A
COT U.S. Treasury Bonds 20601
COT Long-Term U.S. Treasury Bonds 20604
COT 2-y U.S. Treasury Notes 42601
COT 10-y U.S. Treasury Notes 43602
COT ULTRA 10-y U.S. Treasury Notes 43607
COT 5-y U.S. Treasury Notes 44601
COT 30-days Federal Funds 45601
COT 3-month EuroDollars 132741
COT 10-y Deliverable IR Swap 246605
COT 5-y Deliverable IR Swap 246606
U.S. Dollar Index 98662
VIX Futures 11700
Dow Jones UBS Excess Return 221602

I’m also planning to add other stuff like commodities futures (wheat, metals, oil etc…) so this list will definitely grow. There is also some US economic indicators in the package (like GDP, CPI etc) - so you can use them too. Enjoy!


Can you comment at all how you get this information? I’ve been putting together an Excel “database” of CoT data but I still have to go retrieve it manually each week. Just wondering what your method is.



Hi Boston,

Actually this takes some efforts. I’ve implemented the webservice which aggregates the data for me from different sources, and all my indicators are connecting to that services and pulls data from there. The service itself monitors different official sites (like CFTC, US buraeu of stats etc.) and synchronizes with it. Actually I’ve automated everything so no manual work is needed.


That’s great. I think all that is beyond my ability. My database doesnt take me much time to maintain but quicker access and less manual work is always the goal.



You’re welcome! Currentlyy it’s shown in disaggregrated format (Dealers, Asset Managers, Levereged Funds), but I’m going to add in more “traditional” aggregated form - Commercial, Non-Commercial, Speculators.

Stay tuned!

Hi Boston,

Actually in my case it doesn’t require any manual work at all - originally I’ve also had all that spreadsheet stuff etc :slight_smile: But at some point I got tired of it … and also the work I’m doing right now requires access to all that economic data, reports etc. So I just decided to invest in this first of all to use this service by myself and in my researches. But I believe it could be useful for everybody who is interested in mixing tech and fundamental analysis in their trading.
In fact I plan to expand this even more and to have not only COT and US economic data there but also data for European countries, China etc. Here is the thread on Babypips forum I’m maintaining - - so if you’ll be checking it from time to time you’ll be able to get the latest version of package. Cheers!

Thank you very much. What you’re doing really is in line with my aspirations. However, I know I do not have the technical ability to do what you’re doing. So, I’ll be making my way in Excel for the time being. :slight_smile: I’ll certainly follow both threads.