COVID-19 Recession and Depression

At some point, COVID-19 almost lead us to the second great depression. And literally, people had further depression due to loss of jobs, the closing of businesses, and all sorts. Can’t say it’s all under control now but we could only hope and work things out for our sake. What struggles did you have to go through during the lockdowns? Did you have to deal with any mental health issues like anxiety and depression?

touchwood, never had this issue as I have been with my family, the job was fine as working from home so there was nthng like depression or anxiety.

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My biggest struggle was trying to work from home, which I do anyway, with 4 kids around.
Then trying to keep them entertained, educated and happy.

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Both of us being confined to the house forced us to confront some issues within our relationship. We could see there were problems, which we have put right, and we are building on that now.

If something’s going wrong, don’t stay quiet and hope it will get better. Bring it out onto the table - don’t wait for a crisis to occur - and deal with it.


This part is difficult. It sucks to be the first one to open an unpleasant subject.

In the short run, it’s easier to just pretend the problem isn’t there. But, in the long run it’ll ruin you.

Just put it all out on the table and deal with it.

I’m learning that honesty is the best policy. And you gotta be brutally honest—not just with your partner, but with yourself.

I think it’s hard to work on your relationship if you feel terrible on the inside about yourself. You can’t make someone else happy, if you yourself aren’t happy.

I’m learning that if you can just not care about being embarassed, it’s easier to be honest. If there’s an intimacy problem, just be honest. And that’s a particularly delicate subject. But forget about the ego, and just say what’s on your mind.

Actually, I’ve been studying the Black Philip show with Patrice Oneal (comedian). He’s a bit crude, but he’s helped me learn so much about myself.


That’s deep mate. Hope everything’s ok!

Wonder how many couples will end up just deciding to end their relationships altogether because of this.

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They either ended their relationships or they made them better. Either way, its progress for the people concerned.

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That’s great to hear! Some of us are lucky to have been spared the struggles of this pandemic. As long as our family is safe.

I salute you! This is a difficult thing to do! Sometimes, I prefer working in the office cause as much as you want to spend time with them. it’s freakin’ impossible to focus!

Great to hear you’re okay!

I hope you could work things out. It’s a good thing whatever the result would be. You get to pour out your bottled thoughts and feelings. That’s one step towards peace of mind.

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Hi. I want to share this article I just read on Stanford site COVID-19 Q&A: Depression, Anxiety, Risk for Suicide | Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences | Stanford Medicine It’s about mental health and Coronavirus. Have a look when you get the chance. Keep safe!

Cheers man. Yeah some days an office away from the family would be easier, but hey family life is not meant to always be easy. I wouldn’t change a thing.

True. Family makes the sacrifices worth it.

I just hope the vaccines will bring back some normalcy. :frowning:

I hope so too. But I have a feeling this would take another year. I wonder if it will ever go back to normal. I doubt all the people in the world will get it.

I agree. It was nothing less than a series of depressing events to be honest. At a personal level, nothing great happened for me and we are still here in the pandemic so there’s that. Who knows when this will actually come to an end.

It will likely take the better part of 2021 to put the pandemic under control.

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Yup, I think so too. I hope this vaccine won’t cause any more problems that will delay our progress of going back to normal.

So far things seem to be normal. I just hope there are no long-term side-effects. :frowning:

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