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Ex-Qantas Airline Captain Graeme Hood gives testimony about COVID Vaccine Mandates for International and Domestic Qantas Pilots at a Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs hearing in Australia this week… This testimony is absolutely astounding…

This is a seriously powerful video. The guy has the life & career experience to really open up how he & his industry has been terribly affected by mandates which actually go against their own regulations…

To think of the calibre of the people in this video, compared to those in ‘power’ makes be both sad and angry…

The TGA being 96% financed by big pharma tells you everything you want to know. Big pharma are approving what drugs we can and cannot use, as determined by their profit margin… Sic.

And to think you all blindly followed your government’s ill-informed coercion…


Yup. A lot of people got fired from their job for not taking the vaccine. And a lot of the vaccinated people blamed unvaccinated people for the spread of COVID. ¨They should be denied hospital beds!¨ Remember that?

At this point, it is what it is. And those lawsuits are all too late. The people who orchestrated this got their money already. It’s too late. Now, those who are vaccinated are gonna be stuck with the side effects.

The people who got vaccinated, they have no idea what they got themselves into. These side effects could be coming for longer than 10 years.


What specific side effects are being referred to regarding the vaccinated individuals?

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@Paul_J7 Have a read through this thread which I started back in September 2021…

All articles posted in this thread are based on and often include official Global Government Statistics and Data… No hearsay, No opinion’s or unproven Conspiracy Theories…

Most Health and Medical authorities have known about the COVID vaccine’s poor efficacy rates, risks and side effects all along… In Australia ANY Medical Professionals who opposed or even questioned these Vaccine’s were struck off or sacked…

Since 2021… ALL nations that had mass-vaccination programs have been encountering Excess Deaths between 7-20%… The media is too afraid to publish articles contrary to official narrative’s…

It would mean an admission they were wrong all along…


I didn’t know that this could lead to being fired from a job

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There was no real pandemic. Nothing really happened. The ruling class merely wants to remove people’s natural god-given right to decide what goes into their bodies. It was about making people afraid so that people give up natural rights for safety.

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That’s crazy nonsense, and it’s also pretty offensive to huge numbers of people who had relatives (some of them neither old nor previously ill) die from covid.

24 adults in my pretty big family caught it, altogether (I’m talking worldwide and including cousins and their spouses in that figure). Some were terribly ill, but all the 21 vaccinated ones survived, including some in their 70’s with various existing illnesses.

All 3 of the unvaccinated ones died, including one previously very fit and healthy person in his 50’s.

I wrongly thought figures like these were unusual, but it turns out not: they’re actually surprisingly common (surprising to me, anyway).

As millions of people worldwide know from tragic family losses, the covid pandemic was very real indeed.


Look beyond mainstream media outlets. Just because a voice is big, formal, and seemingly sincere doesn’t mean it is true.

Doctors aren’t interested in your health. They are interested in your money. Politicians aren’t interested in your well being. They are interested in money and power. Media outlets aren’t interested in truths. They are interested in controlling people by controlling flow of information.

Most people care about only themselves and people close to them. They don’t care much beyond money. They don’t care about truths.

My claim is that most people are stuck in the level of consciousness where they care only about money, power, and control. When was the last time you actually saw someone who wanted to become a doctor to help others? It’s rare to see someone who actually wants to help others.

I believe regular cold symptoms were incorrectly labeled as COVID to create fear. I also saw videos saying cause of death was hastily determined as COVID without investigation.


Some people in forums aren’t interested in truth or reality at all: they’re only interested in expressing their own very strongly held and typically deeply mistaken opinions.

I’m married to one who did exactly that. She’s among the many tens of thousands of doctors who work for medical charities all over the world, without much concern for how very little they earn.

But (unsurprisingly?) I know plenty of others, too. So do loads of people.

That’s your problem. But your sweeping generalizations are not endearing, and are obviously counter-productive to your “cause”.

But thanks for so quickly identifying yourself as an addition to the “ignore” list. And goodbye.


Have you noticed that they’e also usually the ones who edit their posts (sometimes a few times) after you’ve replied to them? :sweat_smile:


I have always tended to edit things a few times. It’s not like I’m making a formal public announcement that needs to be done right the first time.

I always edit posts and comments a few times. That’s just how I think. It has nothing to do with validity of my thought process. Editing comments a few times doesn’t mean that I’m trying to lie to people.

Smearing people who edit comments a few times is a logical fallacy.

I disagree with your point about doctors. Maybe you went to those who are interested in your money. But to become a doctor, you need to study hard and study a lot. You need to dedicate all your time to this, and you don’t even have a spare minute for yourself. Not so many young adults are ready to sacrifice their free time for studying; I’m sure that you know about that. The same goes for politicians. Some of them really try to make changes to improve our lives. You can compare our country to those governments were politicians are corrupted and they don’t care about you at all. So, don’t put labels on people.

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Making money requires hard work. Almost everyone who makes a lot of money is a hard worker. There are some people who squander inheritance, but they don’t make money themselves. There are lots of bad people who really work hard to control others, so working hard doesn’t mean someone is a good person.

The root cause of problems is bad education. I won’t go into details, but government schools won’t give you good education because governments and corporations want obedient workers rather than intelligent people who cannot be controlled easily. It’s a well-known fact that the public school system is designed to produce obedient workers.

We don’t have a critical mass of people who actually want to improve the world and make people freer collectively. Most people are lazy and selfish and stuck at the level of consciousness where they seek comfort at the expense of others because it’s far easier to destroy and exploit others than to make the world better. Some groups of people work really hard to control others. Those controllers are more numerous and far more determined and far more powerful than a tiny sliver of population who barely started to try to improve the world. That’s why I don’t trust most people.

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Yeah, unfortunately, several employers forced people to get vaccinated or be terminated. Some people got the vaccine, even though they didn’t want to.

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@amano.kenji Please read the linked articles before posting… I totally agree with @JaylynnSims on the Doctors (and medical staff…) Not so much on most of the current Politicians…Who effectively just played follow the leader during the Pandemic… A REAL Pandemic…

My anger is at Health Authorities who should have known better… Not the Doctors and Nurses…

I remain unvaccinated till this day… And still haven’t managed to catch the Virus… Flights, Trains and Shopping… Everyone around me including the multiply vaccinated have had it at least once… Go figure…


Your direct experience tells me that COVID is a pandemic for the vaccinated. I’ve heard many people speaking about the same experiences.

I think COVID was a fear campaign by media and government. Most people aren’t even aware of their primal fear toward death. Media and government capitalize on their subconscious fear of death to control people. If you are consciously aware of your own fears, then you are less controllable.

If you make people fear, then you can make them give up their natural right to decide what goes into their bodies. Vaccines and fear campaigns are just an excuse to make people give up their rights. Once people give up their rights to decide what is done to their bodies, then the ruling class can do anything they want. Anything. The ultimate control. Someone goes out of line? Inject poison, and neutralize the person. People in fear will not lift a finger to protect their rights and others’ rights. Some people protest against a new government policy? Cancel their bank accounts, or inject them with poison. Other people will just stay idle and do nothing to protect those people because they are in fear.

The tyrannical responses by the chinese government and other governments weren’t a mistake. Governments are eagerly waiting to take control over people in fear. They sense fear and capitalize on fear. They will gladly create new things that people fear.

If you refuse to believe media and government won’t do any hardcore fear campaign, then that’s your karma.

I believe the real pandemic was fear and irrationality, not COVID. Fear spread around the world through big media.

If you fear death intensely, then you are controllable. For people who understand the creator and the universe at the philosophical and conceptual level, death is not so bad, but the experience you have in the physical reality is real. Quick merciful death is infinitely better than a lifetime of torture you have in the physical universe. Earth became hell. Nothing wrong with the physical reality, but tyranny tortures you incessantly. Tyranny must go away.

Turn off news and TV. You will lead a better life. I stopped consuming TV and news decades ago.

The actual thread posed by COVID is so infinitesimally small. On the other hand, fear and tyranny are infinitely more dangerous than anything else on earth.

Members of the same species became the biggest threat to human beings. Nothing else compares to the threat posed by bad people who work together to control the rest of the human species.

Don’t you worry about COVID. Worry about what bad people might do to you for your own safety.


I’ve had the same thought. I’m not saying COVID wasn’t real, but sometimes the fear of COVID seemed more prevalent than COVID itself. Perhaps the fear of COVID did more damage to society as a whole. than COVID itself.


I can assure you that we can live like nothing happened and will have no problem. Tyranny in the name of safety is infinitely worse.