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More than 5.55 billion people worldwide have received a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, equal to about 72.3 percent of the world population.

I still haven’t got the shot, but In the aftermath of some deaths, it’s easy to construct a narrative.

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It is, certainly.

I don’t think anyone could claim that the available vaccines are wonderful at preventing people from catching it, but all of them are enormously beneficial, in statistical terms, at preventing peopledying from it.

In other words, the infection-risk isn’t greatly reduced, but the dying-risk (otherwise significantly high, as reliably shown worldwide) becomes really tiny, after vaccination.

I just wish my own family had learned this earlier. My (doctor) wife did all she could to explain, but some people just won’t listen.


I’m always suspicious when tons of money are involved. It begs the question, did big pharma simply capitalize on COVID, or orchestrate it?

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Damn good questions but one thing for sure is that they capitalize on it


@TruncatedUsernam Of course you have real world data for this hypothesis… This narrative

If any of you newcomers to this thread actually bother to read from the beginning…

More vaccinated died than unvaccinated during this pandemic… With the average age of those dying ABOVE most nations actual life expectancy ages…

“The impact of COVID-19, including its targeted age range, may vary across space and time. This survey suggests that the majority of COVID-19 related deaths occur above life expectancy…”

Similar phenomenon to a Global Influenza epidemic in 2017

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@dushimes Nowhere in this thread have I ever stated that COVID wasn’t real… But the societal damage caused by global fear and incompetence during this Pandemic was real and far greater than the Virus itself…

Millions supposedly died of COVID itself… The true figure we may never know, as the death rates were grossly exaggerated to instil fear and hysteria into populations and ensure Authoritive coercion was unquestionably followed.

World Governments… Closed schools… Closed workplaces… Closed borders… Restricted citizens movement… Mandated a medical procedure… And then poured Trillions of dollars into the Global economy which is still being felt 4 years on in the form of Global inflation…

Early in this thread I compared it to the Orson Welles War of the Worlds incident back in 1938 that caused overwhelming mass panic… The idea of a nation plunged into hysteria was actively pushed by newspapers at the time, who were keen to characterise radio – then an emerging medium that was a newspaper competitor – as irresponsible and not to be trusted…

And where have we heard this before…? Mainstream Media… Independent Media…

It’s an incident that has been much referenced in popular culture – the broadcast, 86 years ago, of Orson Welles’s radio drama about a Martian invasion of Earth was so realistic, it is said, that it triggered widespread panic in the US. Indeed, the story of mass hysteria has become so ingrained in media folklore that for decades it wasn’t really challenged…


First rule. Don’t get vaccinated.
Second rule. Don’t get vaccinated.
Third rule. Don’t wear masks.

Masks and vaccines don’t work. Instead, they are harmful and toxic. Chronic mask wearing leads to bacterial pneumonia. Vaccine injuries killed or maimed a lot of people. Masks and vaccines are global propaganda tools to make people accept loss of their rights. They are not medical tools. They are social engineering techniques. North korea isn’t the only place where hardcore social engineering takes place.

If you can inject people with vaccines against their will, you can inject anything into people against their will. Vaccine is merely a way to make people give up their right to decide what goes in their bodies.

Earth is a place where global social engineering projects have been ongoing for thousands of years at least. Organized religions, crusades, vaccines, etc, … Those are all social engineering projects. Social engineers have worked on earth for thousands of years. They have the biggest momentum on earth.

If anything pops up suddenly all over media, then you can safely assume that it is social engineering.

In Japan they wear masks rather often, and have been doing so prior to COVID. Did they have higher rates of bacterial pneumonia than non-mask wearing countries?

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If you breathe bacteria growing on masks for a very long time, your lung will be constantly subject to influx of bacteria from mask. That’s the cause of bacterial pneumonia.

Bacterial pneumonia is just a fancy word for bacterial infection in the lung. Bacteria grow on mask because your breath has bacteria.

Can’t you smell bacteria growing on your mask? If you breathe through mask, you also get bad air. You don’t get clean air. If you don’t get clean air for a long time, you will likely get respiratory diseases.

Many chinese people suffer respiratory diseases due to dirty air. Bacteria. Plastic fragments from masks. Various other things.

Mask also deprives you of oxygen. Lack of oxygen leads to brain damage. It is more damaging to developing children, but inadequate oxygen supply damages adult brain, too.

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Big facts, Japanese love to wear masks and have been doing so for a long time before covid with little problems

100 years and counting of mask wearing in Japan

As wearing face masks in public becomes the new normal across the world, what can we learn from a country like Japan, where this has been a long-established practice?

100 years and counting of mask wearing in Japan


“CDC Redacts 148 pages of a 148 page document”…

The fact that the drug companies are covering up test results should void any immunity they were granted before the vaccines were released on the public.

Many of those who got jabbed don’t even want to talk about this anymore because it’s an inconvenient truth they would rather avoid…


I can imagine their response, ¨Well, I was just trying to do the right thing.¨ The irony is that so was I when I refused it.

But it’s hard to judge them. There are lots of people who had faith in their government, and they shouldn’t be faulted for that. Unfortunately, the government deceived them.

This whole situation is a mess. The sad part is that all of this information coming to light is too late. The jabs have already been given, big pharma already got their checks. They know what retributions are coming. This is all included in their plan. Paying back some money as a fine is their spread on this bet.

This information is for those who got the vaccine to know that what they put in their body may not be what they thought it was.


There have been hundreds if not thousands of such “Scares” in my lifetime and whether it’s “Mad cow disease” - AIds - Listeria in cheese, salmanella in eggs, Satanic child abuse (Uk and USA), Foot and mouth disease - when sanity finally returns they just drop off teh news instantly - but the damage and stupid regulations - brought in by knee jerk Government responses are left in place and never removed.

  • To this day it is ILLEGAL in UK to feed chickens, ,pigs or any other animal on any food which has ever passed through a kitchen ! - go figure !

The road to hell is paved with good intentions !


Pfizer is ‘deeply sorry’… So WHY are they still pushing these vaccines…

The only thing that Pfizer has ever been ‘deeply sorry’ for, is being caught out… Having been fined $2.4Billion for malpractice… They clearly and cynically consider penalties just another business expense, but worth it when seen against the tens of billions of Dollar profits…

“Safe and Effective” actually refers to their “Profits and Marketing”.


:Keep observing as you get older - that view may change with time. :wink:

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haha probably.

What I mean is that they were loyal and obedient to their government. Shouldn’t that be commendable?

The problem is, what do you do when the government is manipulating you?

George Carlin said ¨I don’t believe anything the government tells me.¨ I’m with him on that. Politics is a business. Business is about money. Don’t ever expect anyone to make a decision in your favor when they stand to profit more by hurting you. I don’t have much faith that any politician (except at a local level) will ever do the morally right thing.

If politicians own stock in big pharma companies, do you think they’re gonna get on tv and tell you to be cautious about the jab? Hell to the no. Do you think they would’ve sold their pharma shares right before the vaccines, because they thought the pharma company was unethical? Nope.

As a child you may have imagined politicians as people with the highest of morals. They’re not. Whatever good politicians that exist, they’re overpowered by their crooked counterparts. The power of money is not to be underestimated.


@dushimes The power of power is not to be underestimated…

As I posted a few weeks back over on the Political Thread were I waste most of my time…

It has become a serious issue…


Now you see I may disagree with you there - somewhat …

There is an old adage -

"If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it …!

As to “Governments” and Politicians" - when the only purpose of a politician is to do what his/her leader says and vote “for the Party line” - wtf do we need to pay them huge salaries? - Any Politician here in the UK who tries to excercise any logical thought and “rocks the boat” - he/she is instantly punished by the leader - taking away “the whip” - ie she/he is suspended from the Party.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the “Party system” of “democracy” and it stems from the “party system” and specifically the SELECTION committees who choose teh candidates - Not on Competence but now in the uk it seems to be “Arethey going to behave themselves”? “Are they the right Sex”? “Are they the right Colour”? “Are they the right Religion?”

In fact “Democracy” itself is a very BAD form of Government - As Churchill said

“I used to be a great believer in Democracy - Until I Actually met an AVERAGE VOTER !”

Still worse - there does not seem to be ANY democracy which has lasted more than about 300 years - It seems to take teh average voter aroung that amount of time to realise that they can just vote for “Free stuff for themselves” - and the “Governments” thus elected - to destroy the competent producers by over-taxation to pay the parasite voters thus bribed and to drive the Country into the ground by Inflation of debt when the over taxed can no longer cope !

This happened in Ancient Rome where it was eventually made punishable by death for a farmer to walk away from his farm - or even to sell himself into slavery! - All to porovide teh “Useless eaters” with a stable supply of "Bread and Circusses.

We can see the process pretty well advanced in USA and UK already.

Pour yourself a beer, sit back and concentrate on listening to this ;



The politicians’ REAL money is made in deals. That’s where the hidden money is, in my opinion. Behind closed doors is where they make long-term money. That big-time money determines how they vote and what they support. Politicians are just puppets, and corporate money is the hand.

Lots of democrats during COVID were pushing hard for restrictions and forced vaccinations. Yet at the same time, from what I saw online, a lot of democrat politicians moved to Florida, a Republican state that was against such restrictions.

So, those politicians were acting in support of more restriction, yet moving to live in a state with less restriction.

Say one thing, and do another…