Cryptocurrency Market Discussion and Weekly Performance

Last 7 days

Market Cap is down 3% ($190.4 B) since the last post. Volume of $177.7, up 13% since the last post.

Lots of speculation that price and volume are the results of scammers moving their stolen cryptocurrencies around.

Looks like lower prices coming.

Amazing how things change quickly. Currently trading at $8350. Analysis I’ve read is looking at $8700 as the next level of interest. We’re definitely headed in the right direction. Can we get there? Sure! It’s just a question of when. :slight_smile:

Last 7 days

Market Cap is up 27% ($241.28 B) since the last post. Volume of $291.3, up 64% since the last post! Nice moves.

Big moves all around the crypto sphere.

Last 7 days

Market Cap is up 6.5% ($256.9 B) since the last post. Volume of $275.5, down 5.4% since the last post!

btc has gained 5% since the last post. Other altcoins have gained nicely as well, as you can see.

Last 7 days

Market Cap is down 1.5% ($252.9 B) since the last post. Volume of $407.8, up 48% since the last post! Wow.

Briefly hit $8400 during last week.

It rallied above $9,000 and it may even reach $10,000 again soon.

Oh what can happen in such a short few days. I’m floored right now. The entire crypto market is almost cut in half.

Last 7 days

Market Cap is down 39.8% ($152.3 B) since the last post. Volume metrics weren’t working. Obviously a lot has happened to the markets.

BTC maybe, has found a bottom.

How do you think Bitcoin will develop during the crisis?

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Bitcoin will go more down until the crisis gets over. It will take some time to go up.

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Price wise, I’m more bearish than bullish. The retail crowd is hoarding cash, since many have lost jobs or had their work hours reduced. The businesses who might invest in crypto are wondering how to fund their businesses in the company months. No cash. Big investors are half looking for protection and stability AND half looking for deals. With central banks pumping stimulus money into the markets, why not buy depressed equities currently trading at discounts only dreamed about a couple of months back, in industries that should bounce back eventually? So who is moving money in and trading? The same crowd already there. So more of the same, but leaning bearish.

Of course, bitcoin adoption will continue to grow. If the pandemic has done anything for the crypto market, it’s exposed limitations of the current fiat and banking systems. Handing out relief payments could be so much more efficient and manageable with some form of a national digital coin. It wouldn’t solve the “unbanked” problem. Those same people probably don’t have smart phones or a computer, but there are ways to get around that.

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Last 7 days

Market Cap is up 29.5% ($197.3 B) since the last post. Volume of $252.84 B. Nowhere near the $407 B from early March.

BTC below $7K.

I’ve been reading that a lot of people think that it will go up. One reason is using digital currency in place of physical money to avoid being contaminated. Why do you think it will still go down?

I have also heard this. Not sure how true that is. Very volatile to be using it as your primary means of payment/savings/etc.

It may go up because of the halving but can anyone trust cryptos (or the market in general) at the moment?

Cryptos, and bitcoin especially, have a small group of owners at the top, owning a large majority of all coins in active circulation. That’s not good for the small guy.

So whether that means more institutions or investors coming in to take some of that large pizza slice, or the whales give back some. The latter doesn’t seem all that possible.

Last 7 days

Market Cap is up 13% ($223.0 B) since the last post. Volume of $223.68 B, down 11.5% since the last post.

BTC with some nice gains however.

Bitcoin nearing $9K. Big moves in the last 24 hours. Only 5 red candles over the last 24 on the 1H.

Price is on the move. Just broke $9k.