Curious...what happened to the bald guy with sunglasses and the woman, Lexis I believe

Just out of curiosity. The bald fella always seemed a bit grumpy and I enjoyed seeing him haze the newbs. And Lexis, well it was just nice to see her.

The “bald guy” is Dale Paterson, a trader and IB in South Africa. It’s funny that you perceived him as “grumpy”. I perceived him as intelligent and extremely knowledgeable regarding trading (stocks mainly, but also forex). I don’t know what he’s up to these days. Lots of us would welcome him back, if he ever decides to return.

Lexys (I believe she’s Lexy Smith, but I’m not sure about that) was a great asset to this forum, until she became frustrated with the way it was being moderated, and she left us. We miss her, and hope that she will someday give Babypips another chance to measure up to her high expectations.

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Research seen at another forum is pretty convincing that Lexys is a he, a.k.a. Xela / alexaherself / Alex Smith / Timothy Nagley / Alexa Smith / Yuliya Miranova. I don’t think he will be returning any time soon.

Can’t believe after all this time I signed up to respond to this
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Research seen at another forum is pretty convincing that Lexys is a he, a.k.a. Xela / alexaherself / Alex Smith / Timothy Nagley / Alexa Smith / Yuliya Miranova. I don’t think he will be returning any time soon.

Wow, weren’t we all suxed into this. Guess @Clint will have to revise his stance. Great work @tommor

Probably not. My guess will be _Bob or bobillbrowne. Now he did have a sixth sense for weeding out these catfish. He eiher got banned for calling out a couple of snowflake members or damaging the brand. My guess will be damaging the brand. The forum is poorer without him.

Keeping it real,

Nigel, what up, yes, yes, and yes.

To the OP and Clint
Lexy is a guy, scammer, and multi leveler, (not that there is anything wrong with being a multi leveler) and a liar. This was proven, and he was banned at ET. Also the bald guy was _bob. _bob can be surly, but, if you have a valid point where he might be incorrect, he will listen and adapt. Which is far more than can be said for many of the Poster With The Mosters round here. In my opinion the concept that people should be allowed to spew provably incorrect information, just for the sake of clicks, likes, followers, (not cut with bots) is in the long term, a losing proposition.

You know it is funny, those in the Biz who know me joke about my participation on this site. Obviously, I don’t care. If I am able to help folks like rrose, jseymour, alph, etc, from losing their life savings, it is a positive outcome for me.

But, having folks around, like _bob, enhances the site more than the Robot Elders realize. This nonsense of, whaaaa they are picking on me, and I am new here, whaaa, I am leaving whaa, is self defeating. IF, _bob asks “can you prove that” or “exactly how does that work”, and the poster says “it just does”, then _bob throws down with some (expletive deleted’s), _bob is the bad guy, never mind the poster is totally wrong and could cost someone their hard eared cash, _bob was mean, so violated TOS.

If posters will not or cannot offer proof that what they say is true, they should be held up to ridicule and scorn. I am not talking about whether one is profitable or not, but rather statements regarding how the Spot Currency “market” works, indicators, game theory, Market Makers/Dealers, etc. If you make a statement that “spot currency volume numbers are a valid measure of the market” you should be ready to defend your position and also be ready for the scorn and derision you receive. It’s kind of like not knowing the difference between a floor trader and introducing broker :joy:

Trading is a difficult and arduous endeavor, if someone gets upset at some insults or Brogan, there is no way they are suited for this activity.

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LIBER8 _bob


I still can’t figure out what was Lexy’s scam. He gave good although basic trading advice very similar to my own, and he seemed to have a much wider knowledge than I do of the industry.

But he never recommended any fee-paying service, signals site, training, mentoring, a fund or anything. He recommended a whole range of well respected textbooks (which she wasn’t selling).

Eventually, I put it down to a pathological compulsion which he couldn’t or wouldn’t get treatment for.

Hey T, my opinion, he was setting up a Mikey deal, but playing the long game. Getting entrenched in the community, so that by the time his true colors came out he had collected names, mails etc. I have seen this nonsense over and over, but you might be right, it is the internet after all.

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Bald guy with sunglasses – Doesn’t look anything like _bob.

Quite some time ago he/she was asked on BP " hey are you Alexa Smith from the Warriorforum - there was no reply.

Caused me a little research, the changing avatars is likely what prompted the unanswered question.

Just did a quick search:

Clint, I immediately thought of Dale Patterson also. Perfect description except he was a nice guy, Haven’t heard from him in ages.

Sometimes I feel like people here know each other so well? Have you guys ever met anyone from an online forum in real life?

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I have not met any in real life, most are too far away, South Africa, Australia etc.

Hey Clint, maybe, Op is this the guy. I don’t remember Dale been grumpy or hazing newbies, he did tell me he would let me know when he disagreed with me, but outside of that. The getting the new kid to stick his tongue on a frozen aluminum lamppost sounds more like, well you know.

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PS OK back to my brand new VB3 2 VST

@aceofspace Everyone in this thread seems to have been around here for quite a long time - looks like you joined earlier this year? Or were you using a different account?

GAsp, ptooey, Yuck. Lexys was a dude…The extent people go to on social media. I always figured he/she to be an aging model trading FX with all her amassed sugar Dady $.

As far as the bald guy, I was referring to they bald guy with the sunglasses on his head. Always was a kick to read cuz he never held back. Seemed like an intelligent character. Think he might’ve been an Aussie. I’m thinking he was a Bob.

Thanks Viper, I think you might be the Viper known in the retail FX crowd. hmm

That Dale Paterson is missing I see as well. Hope he is well.

I did have an account long ago, but ended up once in a bluemoon lurker. For professional reasons all social media especially pertaining to financial/trading had to be disclosed - not worth it. Wasn’t all that much into currency mkts all that much then either.

_bob over on twitter, looks bald and with sunglasses to me

Although using Aussie and intelligent in the same sentence is a bit far fetched. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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@TradeViper can you please enlighten me about that “liber8 _bob” I’ve seen it on few different places but never understood what it’s about? I assume it’s some new meme that I’ve missed.

Hey B, LIBER8 is made up of Edouard Kagame’s folks, fighting back against the oppressive Corporate Congress, and Robot Elders from what I have heard. _bob is this websites Watchman, kind of like Rorschach without the mask. He was given a timeout by the robot elders, so LIBER8 has decided to take on this fight to, LIBER8 _bob.

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Hey Ace, I forgot this earlier. hehehehehehe :warning:

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