Curious...what happened to the bald guy with sunglasses and the woman, Lexis I believe

Thanks for the enlightenment _bob, erm, I mean @therealnigel.

_bob did help weed out hucksters but he basically got to the point to where almost all of his posts were rude and combative, including comments to new members, which is toxic behavior to have in a public forum that caters to new traders.

BP is a better place without “toxic _bob”.

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I’m sorry, I don’t want to get into an altercation C, I know you don’t like _bob, but he (meaning Lexo) was not an asset, and no one who is interested in the well being of others would miss him either, and on top of this, no new traders should listen to him. I will repeat myself, anyone who acts like a Pro, but has no concept of how the market they are trading works is a complete fraud, and a danger to all of the inexperienced traders that come here. _bob is an asset, whether anyone likes it or not. He has the focus and the drive to keep an eye out for scammers and posers.

This is an old story, someone questions the supposed Guru, and they run to the Robot Elders, whaaa they hurt my feelings. Anytime someone signs up to an internet trading forum, and presents them-self as someone who knows all about trading, then makes questionable statements deserves to be questioned, and if they can’t answer, they should be derided. Understand, there are people who read this stuff then try to trade it. If the information is bogus to start with, why anyone would have respect for a person like this I don’t know.

I think you know what I mean, for example, L was pushing Vol studies in spot currency and futures. VOL does not work in either case, and yet people “believe” it does. Take belief that gravity does not exist and see how far one can fly.

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Liber8 _bob

PS I welcome any challenges regarding the volume issue, ask it in my Country Store thread.

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Frankly K, I think it is more toxic to have people spewing false information to new traders, than any insults that might be hurled at someone who does not want to listen. Have you ever read anything by DR. Alexander Elder, if not, you might want to, because what he says about human behavior and the markets is spot on. Whether folks believe it or not, trading is not for passive, sensitive personalities.

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Liber8 _bob

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A lot of things are toxic, and they are all bad for business. BP is doing a good job tackling all of these forms of toxicity.

Agreed, but there is still public forum etiquette on BP and most other professional FX websites for that matter. I am sure if _bob wanted to start his own website forums that had an in-your-face, rude, sarcastic environment, he would probably be very successful at that.

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_bob was a real trader. He published his journey to profitability on these threads. Published his thoughts, trials and failures as well as his sucesses, often in real time. He published his programmes and the changes he made to them, for others to use and adapt if those “Others” were good enough.

_bob told me the books which influenced his style the most and whilst he was never “My friend”, I think I could have got along with him well enough in “Real Life”

He is not the only one here who gets angry sometimes when they see the newbies being abused by “Gurus” with an agenda and he is not the only one to call them out, but he was rather good at it !

Personally I believe BP is a lesser place with out his input.

[Edit - since he is not here to defend himself, I think your rudeness in calling him “toxic_bob” is out of order ! ]

All of that is true, yet even real traders need to obey forum etiquette rules.

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_bob was alright. He clearly understood trading, he was hard on vendors and possible scam artists and he was firm in trying to steer amateurs away from these risks.

He was bluff and aggressive. He put up a series of gruff posts commenting on a series of posts I had put up but he wasn’t posting much in the way of alternatives. I asked him to back off riding on my posts and to post up something useful or start his own threads if he had something to say. You know what, he did back off and I got no grief from him about it whatsoever, he clearly didn’t hold a grudge and was never rude to me. I like that.

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“Whether folks believe it or not, trading is not for passive, sensitive personalities”

What are the origins of this line of thinking? Are all successful traders not passive, in your face, thick skinned “tough guys”? That’s the impression I get from several seasoned traders here. It’s stated as fact often. I don’t know enough traders ,let alone successful traders, to know if that’s actually common.

“Real traders” often feel everything they state is an absolute fact, and everyone else is wrong. Which probably explains a lot of the issues with toxic bob and others like him.

THis is the time a lot of the older members come from.

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Hey K, the closest thing to a “professional FX website” that I have ever seen is on my Cx platform when I do a RFQ or RFT, and give a little good morning Kris, or quick banter. Other than that I am not aware of any “Professional” websites, unless you mean they were built by professionals, then maybe. But if you could let me know I would like to see a few. Also what about the Ignore feature, oh wait there ain’t one, my bad.

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Professional, as in the website design and the people who built and run it.

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Yesssss, green screen, kickin it old school. Also see the Documentary “The Pit”, about coffee traders in the PIT, and of course the all time documentary “Trader” by the CBC, it’s about the man himself, the prototype, P. T. Jones, drinking beer at 3 am trading Spot Currency, you can still find it on some offshore (US) sites.

These are the real traders, and I have a billion stories about how one, including myself acts while in the heat of a trade. It has been pointed out to me by a couple of Doctors, (No Not Tom Baker), to do this job you have to be a Sociopath, and it’s true. It’s funny, we can recognize each other almost immediately. It’s like Don Bright told me one time when we were discussing this same issue.“My best trader can barely carry on a conversation”.

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LIBER8 _bob

Hey FFF, here is a test.

  1. You know for a fact that your counter party on a given trade is an elderly retiree living in a retirement community, they just put 2/3 of their retirement on the line, using Lexys system. You on the other hand have taken the time to learn and build a system that under the current conditions generally renders an 88% Positive Expectancy.

Do You take the trade knowing you will break this persons finances

  1. A congressman gets shot by some maniac, the EUR/USD spikes up, but you know that as far the global financial system, the poor guy really is not that significant. 

Do you short the spike ignoring the tragedy

I think you know the answer to both of these questions.

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It’s a good point.

Many years ago Bill Gates complained bitterly about guys stealing his DOS, he appealed to people’s better side, he commented “you wouldn’t go out and steal the hardware, if you keep stealing the software then the programmers may not get paid”.

They still stole the software :slight_smile:

Hey P, I kind of understand what you are saying, but trading is different. I would never condone stealing, that is wrong, and I really hate software and music pirates.

But that being said, with freedom come responsibility, if the retired guy wants to put his money out there, I am more than glad to take it. It is not my responsibility to safeguard this person, no matter how badly they handle their money.

Think about this, lets say someone owns a large investment house, we are talking billions here. Now sell side comes up with a new derivative on Wiener Dogs, so upper management gets together with legal and sell side.

First question: how much can we make per quarter
Sell: 250 mio

Second question: legal are we running afoul of any legislation
Legal: we might, but if we are charged it would cost us around 5 mio, and it would take more than a year to catch up, just civil and fines that’s all.

Third Conclusion Well lets see, to make a 100 mio, we have to pay 5 mio, that sounds like a good deal to me, no criminal charges and no one goes to jail, and even better we can write it off, so ladies and gentlemen lets get going, get them Wiener Dogs and sell sell sell.

So in this arena your thinking HAS to be different, if you execute well, you might just cost someone on the other side their job, or money. But you cannot think about that, your job as a trader is to keep seeking Alpha, there is no time for niceties or correctness, people commit suicide in this business, it is not a joke when we say that outside of the Military In Combat, LEO, Trauma Doc, this is the most stressful business in the world. So if any of what I have just said upsets someone or they can’t understand what I am saying, and just want to sit around and sing Kumbaya, you are in the wrong business.

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Liber8 _bob

To me, those points are more ethical/busines-is-business questions than character related.

As you mentioned, I wouldn’t have a problem doing any of things. That’s how the system works. People should know that’s how the system works and be okay with it.

But I think those examples are different than compared to how you treat others in every day anonymous conversation. I think you can have the mentality you describe above but not be a dbag when responding to people’s crap responses.

Dbaggery is of course totally subjective and I think that’s also the problem. Some are cool with it; it’s a trade-off to get the wisdom. Some aren’t cool with it no matter what.

I’ve read posts from both and they definitely seem to know what they’re talking about, but they lay it on thick at times!

Hey FFF, some would consider the decisions that I outlined to be underhanded, “Sharp” business practices, and in Cali, Oregon and Wash state, just immoral. But it is all about perspective.

I would say cursing someone out, calling them stupid, not the concept, but the person, is questionable at best. But I can also empathize with the feeling. You can ask questions about a concept and you get attacked, and is has happened to me right here on this site. Also there might be a bit of frustration because the Mods/Owners know some of these concepts are not valid, but allow the effluvium to continue to flow. So yeah, day to day some could work a bit on their people skills, however, calling someone out, even repetitively, should never be questioned, I’m not saying you are doing this, just a general statement.

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PS Maybe I will start a Murrey Math Thread

Yea, I’ve seen these attacks from time to time. Feel it’s gotten a bit better. But I’m all for blowin’ up somebody’s spot if what they’re stating as fact is questionable. We all should know that many come into the Forums with a hidden agenda, often of the nefarious kind. And that sucks because that makes you automatically question everything that is said. That’s good in a sense, because it keeps you on your toes, but also tough to easily digest without having to go back and confirm or check and recheck for accuracy. Perhaps that’s why the turnover of a newbie trader is high. He thinks he can come here to be spoon fed, but then realizes, man, this is a lot of work.

Well in dedication to _bob.

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