Day trading best indicators

what is the best or recommended indicators for a day trader ?

These 2 indicators are considered best for a day trader -

  • Moving averages
  • MACD

Most of the successfull traders do not use indicators , but if you do try low profile indicators. MACD , RSI ,STOCH are far popular

“considered” best by whom? beginners reading what other beginners say in forums and on websites, or people making their livings by daytrading?

how do you know? what gives you that impression?

the problem here is that beginners asking perfectly innocent and reasonable questions may believe some of the “facts” stated in posts like both those above … and that’s why forum misinformation perpetuates, they all end up believing the same “information” and almost all of them lose money

Hi Flamingo , just read your comment on this . I’m beginner and wanted to know when you say day trader is that including 1min trades on digital options or would you say don’t do them at all ? I would like to know if one xan make money on those or are they not considered trading ? I would love to make profits as everyone else would , but as beginner i had enough of losing it all . I understand lots of misinformation is published everywhere online and want to learn this without wasting my time…
Many thanks

The best indicator ever for a daily frim is stockastic.