Demo for My Proof Profit Strategy

I’m not going to lie,I purchased a system, why? simply that having dabbled on demo accounts, purchased numerous books, and at least one I’ll call it loosely a course for £200, I had followed a trading system that i came across in the early years.
When I had the money I decided to purchase, my reasoning the Forex market is not for the faint hearted, I didn’t want to spend all day sitting in front of charts, I wanted an easy to follow rule based system which at time allowed me to trade at the end of day and spend 30 minutes to apply.
The system is not stagnant and has and is evolving and now allows more adventurous traders and experienced to trade 4 hours charts, and 2 more end of day strategies.
The new strategies are definitely paying off and my trading has gone to the next level, they do require more input so it’s not the case of taking them blindly and hoping for the best, but it does give me the best of both worlds.

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Hi TabiusLee ,

Thanks for sharing your strategy for a successful trade in FX.

But, it may sound bit daft but I am bit confused with the strategy as you explained in your post and in comments !

Just to make it simple, I am telling what I understood here and please see if those are correct.

You said-

  1. Daily and weekly charts to follow for day trading ( or weekly trading ) !

  2. in both charts it does not matter how the charts look but trend has to be same , means either uptrend or downtrend.

  3. ( this is very confusing ) if the chart is showing downtrend you do Long , or trade opposite if the chat shows uptrend !

4.You said many times to have patient for successful trading means you will see the trading result in few days times after the trading ( or end of the day after 4 to 5 hours trading ) !

  1. On the chart your first arrow is in Red for entry and Blue arrow for exit- is this correct . Or Blue for entry and Red for exit?

Sorry, you did a good job by posting your proven idea but may be it is not very clear to understand the strategy.

Your MA lines are fine but understanding the trend and arrow are confusing.

If you can answer my points as above then it will be highly appreciated.

Thanks again, and have a nice day.


Hi Shafstar

You can open 2 $500 Demo Account

1 Account don’t do anything for a month. If you were try to grow your account by 2% per day would be $10 a day x30=$200

So by this time August your Account will have $700 or more. Don’t touch it

Here Are the Trades For July 2020


The 2nd Account Demo Account start $500 and trade the pair above
your Goal is just 20 pips a day. Not $$$$

Use this Chart to Understand How Trends Works

Not sure what Arrows you are talking about it. But Blue Arrows are (Long) and Red are (short)

I try to Guide others to use the 14/7 Moving Average Red and Yellow. You trade Long above Yellow line and trade short(sell) bellow yellow line.

Enter at 2nd Candle after the Cross. On the H1 and H4


You have to Find The Trading Style that Fits You. You may like mine but change it to fit You. It takes awhile.

Hope I explained it little better.

My Proof Profit Strategy

Hi TabiusLee,

Thanks for your reply, it’s very nice of you. I live in London, hence our timing is different for replying each other.

I am slowly getting your strategy , and applied it today to one of my Demo account.
But as expected all of them in loss after few hours ! :smile:

One more thing I wanted to be sure, when you use weekly/daily chart for trading, do you need to keep it for the whole week to make profit?

How about day trading, do you use same 14/7 ma and H1 and H4 time frame for day-trading or different MA and time frames?

Thanks again, and have a nice sunny Sunday.

All the best.


First I want to thank Shafatar for asking questions. I am also interested in trying Tabiuslee’s strategy.
Tabiuslee - In the first post of yours I read you discussed the 50MA and trading long above or short below. Many of the trades you listed do not follow that advice. For example, USD/JPY the yellow and blue MAs are both below the 50 MA on the Monthly, Weekly, and Daily charts, yet you advise going long. Is your strategy to trade WITH the trend or counter-trend trades? The way you write of your strategy it seems you believe in trading with the trend, but some of your recommendations do not agree. Perhaps you have typos in the list? Can you please clarify?
In later posts, you write only of the yellow and red (14/7) MAs. What is the difference (perhaps in time frames or duration) for when you trade the 50 MA or the 14/7 MAs? It is very confusing about what you intend to tell us about this. It is also difficult to know if you use the 14/7 cross for entries only or also for exits.
Thank you for your time and efforts in assisting traders to reach success.

I use the same. Here I am GOING TO CONFUSE YOU that’s because I am still undecided on whether to use a Stop Loss myself. I do not like to use them with this Strategy . I feel their is NO NEED.

Your not going to blow your account using .01 lots, just take your daily pip goal.

I mostly use the 14/7 Ma cross 2nd candle as my entry Entry point . I have went back and forth on this and I NOT using STOP Losses. I am trading the Trend and I am taking Profit when it hits my Pip Goal.

Not all Indicators are going to be perfect together But Once in whiile they do as you see On the Chart Above. Tipu MACD and 50. On top of chart is the perfect entry. Trend trading you would rode the trend down and caught I don’t know probably 500 to 750 pips.

That’s how the Demo we dont touch goes into soooooo muchhhhh Profit by the End of the Month. We set it up and forget about it.
For Trading:

50 MA is only for me is a extra Guide so I see better what the market pairs are doing. The 50 Gauges the Strength of the Pair and long I have before it goes on Profit ( estimate only) if that
makes sense.

I am trying to be clear never went for all the technical terms in Forex although been trading for around three years. Like I say be patient.

Just follow the Trend use the 14/7 and follow the rules of this chart and don’t let the smaller times get you in a Trap.

My Proof Profit Strategy

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You’re asking people to open 11 different positions (14, but 3 are unclear about direction) at .01 lots (1000 units) on a $500 account and saying you’re not going to blow the account, w/o a SL? This account would be way over leveraged.
I hope people are doing this on a demo as you suggested because this is not sound trading advice IMO.

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This was a Demo on a $200 account with 15 Trades open on Weekly/ Daily Chart. .01

I am trying to Accomplish

  1. you don’t have to use Huge Lot sizes to make money In Forex
  2. To Prove Trading The Weekly/Day Chart Is Truly Your Friend
  3. If I did with $200 then $500 is definitely safer

That was Profit in just 2 Weeks

This Demo is still running it went down to $70 and is back up to $130

I have been running Demo’s like this for Year. I have blown 2 Demo account when I reversed the trend testing. My live accounts not trading the trend ,scalping and just loosing my mind and making mistakes I have blown accounts. Trend trading is Boring because their is No Emotion in the Markets.

Try The DEMO leave it alone and come back in a Month and give me your findings

My Proof Profit Strategy

What leverage are you using? Because .01 lots on my account is using $62.00 CAD Margin (I’m in Canada but this is about $50 USD) with leverage of 50:1. 10 trades like this would use all my margin.

I’m not trying to discredit your strategy, just trying to understand because something’s not adding up on my end.

I live in the United States and use US dollars. Never really thought how it would effect other currencies. I do always say Demo first and use lowest lot micro, mini micro ect…

I don’t know I just try to practice simple trading and explain the best I can. Never was a technical trader.

I try to be honest, admit my mistakes, and try to enjoy the journey. I started a journal here on Babypips because I believe in my strategy and all I ask is others try and do a Demo . Use the smallest lot size your broker allows is all I can say on multiple pairs.

I Wish You Well

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[quote=“Shafstar, post:17, topic:330956”]
One more thing I wanted to be sure, when you use weekly/daily chart for trading, do you need to keep it for the whole week to make profit?

I missed this earlier. WOW great Question. I sooooooooooooooooooooooo messed up my Live accounts beginning of June. I still have not recovered where I want them to be. have PROOF from my Broker Account. I took three account totaling $650 betwwen the three of them and turned and made $1180 in 3 Days. I kept taking profit and opening all the trades open again taking profit and opening the trades again.

Worst mistake you can make. Just take Your profits slowly Let some stay in profit and open up others when they hit the Higher and high and lower low trending chart on the H1 or H4.

This is my (Journal) my ( Journey) and it’s up to other’s whether they want to try my Strategy. I will let you know what works and the mistakes I make on the way.

Demo for My Proof Profit Strategy

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Did you open all 11 positions he suggested with 0.01 lots?

I would like to replicate your strategy using .01 lots as you have specified in your Proof Profit strategy, since this has been proven to work.

You have not answered my question about leverage. What leverage are you using?

I opened a $500USD demo account 50:1 leverage and opened 7 positions before I ran out of margin. Please explain how you did it.

This was not my quote.

I deleted it

I check with the Broker I use I use Leverage 1:200 which makes a Huge Difference. Thank you for helping clear that did not think of that. I should of. I will will open a Demo with different leverage sizes and see how they do and share the results.

I will have to explain that.

Please Remember

This is my (Journal) my ( Journey) and it’s up to other’s whether they want to try my Strategy. I will let you know what works and the mistakes I make on the way. I am only to help others.

Demo for My Proof Profit Strategy

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Results so far of Demo

This is my (Journal) my ( Journey) and it’s up to other’s whether they want to try my Strategy. I will let you know what works and the mistakes I make on the way.

Demo for My Proof Profit Strategy

Thanks, that makes more sense. There are not many brokers out there who give that much. It’s usually up to 50:1. Some now only do 30:1.

Ok let’s try no wonder my strategy is working with No stop loss.


So I started a $500 Account 1:25 Leverage Canadian Demo using NO STOP LOSS


Let’s see what happen’s and we won’t try to touch it or take profit for a week or two unless it goes in $100 Profit then we call it a Winner :+1:

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