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This was a Demo from 3 Years ago with 15 trades on a $200 Account Day/Weekly Trend Trading. Just use Market Milk on all the pairs. You can cross reference with Trading view. If you decide to do this share your pairs and results weekly. I will do the same with Analysis on the different pairs. WE CAN DO IT. i am on the road and cant trade all the time now.

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From the above picture, you never set a s/l nor t/p which is enough to wipe the whole of Rome.
With that being said, what are your entries or exits levels with this strategy if there’s any?

You’re correct, no SL or TP. This strategy was purely based on the weekly/monthly trend.

I actually tested this on a demo account when he first started it (results are probably in that thread), but it’s more position trading as opposed to swing.

I opened up 7 or 8 small (1000 units) positions based on his recommended direction. Some will be right, some will be wrong so there will naturally be some hedging, hence the no SL.

I held these for 1 month ( I think) and ended up increasing the account 25%.

Of course it could have gone the other way, but if you trade with the long term trend and you are patient, more than likely it will go in your favour.

Of course this is easier said than done when you’re trading a live account.


Thankfully it has been on a demo account. Just remember that even with a long term trading strategy you can nullify your account if you do not follow a good risk management strategy.

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Thank You For Sharing. I keep thinking that for us that has been doing this a long for at least 3+ years that if we would just follow the :THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND … When it comes to Trading we are our own worse enemies …I am no exception…


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I started this Demo tonight with trades running. 01 lot size. Rules trading either above or below 200 MAPreformatted text``Preformatted text

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I started this a few years back. I found the demo’s awhile back still running and was amazed. The strategy’s is boring too me but I as a Scalper keep blowing accounts. I just over trade !!!

My Proof Profit Strategy anyone can do.I had a whole bunch of people wanting to learn it a few years back Using Market Milk and trading View with BUY/or Sell Direction on Day/Weekly/Monthly Trend . You also have a Analysis of others expert opinion marketing charts giving Directional Movements.

We all should be making Retired if we would just SLOWWWW Down. That why I gone back to this strategy. Its a Very SLOOOW Take YOUR TIME …ENTRY and EXIT RULES on DAILY Chart.

You can read over my thread from a few years ago and I will be adding NEW Pairs for this Month. I usually have around 26 trades open at a time so Lot size is always .01.

I don"t know what your Currency or Leverage is. For example I was using 1:500 USA currency and another was using 1:20 and CAD Currency which is big difference. Brokers have different spreads. also.So be careful. Always DEMO first.


As far as Stop loss and take profit It depends on Account size and leverage. Everyone’s trading style is going to be different. However the rules to follow Weekly/Day Chart Under or Above 200 MA Smooth… Wait for 14/7 Cross Over RED 14 and Yellow Expediential . Entry is 3rd Day Candle and Exit is when Cross Back.

You can slowly start to open pairs and close pairs. You don’t have to open a bunch at a time. You can start With a small account recommend $200 at .01 and follow these rules. Just check Analysis on Major and Minor Pair reversals 1 a Day for Next reversal. You don’t have to make it hard.


EUR/USD Price Analysis: Aims to break below the major level at 1.0700

EUR/USD could revisit the eight-week high at 1.0756.
Euro could gain ground as the MACD line shows divergence above the signal line.
A break below the psychological support at 1.0700 could push the pair to go under the region near mid-1.0600.
EUR/USD losses ground for the second successive day, trading lower near 1.0710 aligned with the psychological support level at 1.0700 during the Asian session on Tuesday.

A firm break below the latter could inspire the bears of the EUR/USD pair to navigate the support region around the mid-1.0600 and the 14-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at the 1.0631 level.

The EUR/USD pair might gain upward momentum, considering the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) positioned above the 50 level. This indicates bullish momentum and reflects a bias toward a stronger market sentiment.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) line positions above the centerline and shows the divergence above the signal line implying a potential bullish momentum. The bulls could support the EUR/USD pair to revisit the eight-week high marked recently at 1.0756 followed by the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement at 1.0764 level.

EUR/USD: Daily Chart(fxstreet.news

11-13-23 Most All Major and Minor Pairs Are Trending in a Buy position $231.17 Demo Account and will Post Results at the end of this week. I will show % results.

This is Tues morning could close now and take almost 10% Growth of Account

Good stuff! Congrats! Bookmarking this thread and will check out later :slight_smile:

Thank You… I had to go back to works for me. Love SCALPING but after 5 Years trading Forex my Broker with drawls don’t match my blown accounts. Trend Trading and Compounding… its Not exciting but I guess its not supposed to be.


They say trading’s boring “when you’re doing it right”?


I Know FTMO Challenge Trend trading passed blew me Away

when I Scalp I just Not Worth it anymore Find the Trend …

Trend trading over 6000% profit and RRR 1000 %


Scalping just … Money Down the Drain…



Hello, and thanks for sharing your strategy! Your style is similar to mine, as I don’t want to be glued to a chart all day.

I have a question about the 14/7: You are talking about MA14 and MA7? And what do you mean by “expediential”? Wouldn’t that be “exponential”? If so, this would be the method for both minor MAs (14/7)?

@tabiuslee & @JuanHB can you Guys be more specific, I don’t fully understand:

So we have:

  • 200 SMA
  • 7 & 14 - SMA or EMA ?

What is RED 14 and yellow E ?

Conditions to enter:

  • 14 & 7 crosses above or below 200
  • then we wait for 3 candle ?

Thank for sharing been looking for a strategy I can set and forget on my small account while i"m working.
Much appreciated…

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Misspelled … and I use 50/200 Smoothed

Confirm with Babypips and Marketmilk . Demo Accounts 1Hour, 4 Hour, Day on this Strategy and see what works best for as far as profit and hold time.

Conditions are best to wait until 3rd candle. Open Demo’s and test on 1 hour, 4 Hour, and Day time frame. EMA 14/7 and SMA 200/50 Once 2 lines X back over Exit

This Example of JPY Day is a Small Reversal not expected to last long still above 50/200 SMA a better trade on JPY would be the lower time frames.

you realise that that’s another name for 100/400 exponential, right? :wink:

(actually technically 99/399 exponential, but let’s not be pedantic :grinning: )


JPY Pairs are in a Drawdown this week. Great time to look and maybe Open on daily chart. Look how
JPY is trending on Weekly/Monthly Chart.

If trading next week is great time to open long All pairs …Hit weekly Goal in couple days… and Get Out…