Demo = win , live = loss

Hi guys . Can anyone explain why my 2 demo accounts are up by a substantial amount but my live account is at a loss . Seems I mess around with my live account to much instead of placing my trade and the leaving it .

[QUOTE=“Xskppy;697923”]Seems I mess around with my live account to much instead of placing my trade and the leaving it .[/QUOTE]

I would guess that you’ve just answered that question yourself.


I think it as to do with your emotion.
On demo u trade like a master because it is not your money
but on live you trade as fearful newbie
Control your emotions and do what you know

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Emotions is factor that make differents between real trading and demo trading , for example in demo account we are not afraid in decide for transactions whenever the signal give confirmation to trade but its will differents when we are in real account , we are tend to worry and doubt in making decision so we will too late or even miss to opportunity in making profit although the system has bring signal for comfirmation to open position

yep… live account has a huge blinding sign that says “YOU’RE LOSING MONEY!!!” when a trade drops like $60. On a demo account there is a sign that says “you’re down… check back again to see how you’re doing…”.

In fact, I made a trade on my demo account to test something… forgot to check it for 4 days (got busy I guess), and I was up $848!!! If I did that on my live account, I guarantee it would have been down the same amount, if not more.

Other difference is that the demo account (at least the one I use) doesn’t care about margins and such quite as much as my live account. I’ve had 4 seperate trades at standard lots set up on my demo account… walked away with nearly $2000 in about 1 hour as I was able to hedge some of my trades with other trades. Closed out the losers early, and let the winners run.
Live account funds prevent me from doing the same thing… sure I can go smaller and have winning trades, but it’s hard to get excited with $30 vs. $300.


Trading in demo is different from trading live account. Being able to control emotion is a huge problem for most beginners. Try leaning how to control your emotion and do not be upset about your loss with time you will catch up if you put much neede effort in trading.


Thanks guys , already this week I had a few bad trades left the table for the day and recouped my losses the next day , also leaving my trades to hit my tp or sl and not constantly checking them helped , I feel I’ve moved forward more these 2 weeks than I have this past 2 years

Thanks for the feed back


You might also be interested to read up on the psychological differences between demo and live trading: 3 Psychological Differences between Demo and Live Trading

Good to see you’re making progress.
One thing I did was dont open a new trade until any existing trade is either in profit or closed


Good performance in demo account won’t guarantee to win in real account because there is difference between demo account and real account although it looks same. The result won’t be too much different if traders can stick on the rule to follow trading plan well in both demo account and real account, but in reality it is not easy to stick on the rule when traders trade with real account so mostly traders could gain profit in demo account but they didn’t gain profit in real account because they didn’t sure about their own trading plan and their own analysis.

Im of the opinion that demo should be used for getting used to platform and then open micro account, this cuts all the time trading in demo and then only having to go through the real life emotions in real account. it saves time and money.

Some might say how will it save money ?
Traders successful in demo will probably open with a larger account and more of a loss than trading a micro.

Some will agree some not.

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It can not denied when trade using real money we will face difficulties and problem , true all problem is in psycholgy side cause we want to make money as much as we can in instantly but unfortunately we don’t care of risk that will happen when we take it

Everything varies from one trader to another, from one newbie to another. There are no fixed rules.
I know people who did bad on demos then did quite good in real accounts, and vice versa. Demos are good to know the platform options and features, that is valid for any new user. They are also good to test strategies which is never ending. So eventually you will have to take that step to trade live accounts, but that does not mean you stop testing strategies on demos. How people deal with live accounts the first week depends on how much are they risking. Win or loose, the first week after live trading is usually a very useful experience. You know how it is now, and the longer you trade live the more the emotional gap between demos and live accounts narrows. Happy Trades!!

I can agree with 3xfx.
It is better to learn on live account instead of demo account, beacause at demo you learn the things without emotions and the emotions are very important thing in trading. That is why sometimes you can hear “this man is not for trading”, beacause the emotions are the difference between good trader and bad trader.
The difference between demo and live is like to watch education videos how to swim and to think that when you jump in the water you will begin to swim.

So better at the beginning start to trade with small live account instead of demo.

thats so true i had a demo account and i won 5000 dollars on it and i started with 1000 i made a live account and deposited 1000 dollars but i lost all my money thats sad …

Yes its sad but dont stop. Every trader lost his first account, this is normal…
I guess you know:

“To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.”
― Michael Jordan

The number one reason for all of us to win in the demo account but to lose out on the live account is because of the attachment that is involved with the real money. Hence, one needs to get out of such attachment and start thinking logically.

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Glad to hear this! Keep it up!

I think the problem is not demo account or real account but how do you trade with real account or demo account itself. If you can follow the rule as you trade in demo account into real account well then you don’t need to worry too much when you’re trading with real account because the loss has been limited in your trading plan. Maybe the problem is your system in demo account, it’s possible if the system is not quite good so it doesn’t limit the loss condition or maybe you don’t follow the system well.

Problem is not with demo or real account actually difference is between capital our dealing and way of trading. In demo we earn a lot feel relax during trading due to high capital we not feel any difficulty in loss recovery . Live trading is done with low investment we want same results from it so loss is more in live trading.