Did I lose this week?

Hello everyoooone! :smiley: Haha. I’m trying to make myself more accountable when it comes to trading, and so I thought it would be fun to share my trades with everyone here! :smiley: Hahaha. And then from there, we basically answer the question, “Did I lose this week?” :sweat_smile:

It’s not exactly a trading journal but I hope you all guide me as I continue to post my trades and maybe you can give suggestions to help improve them! :smiley:

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So for this week! :smiley:

I bought EURUSD @ 1.06714.
Stop Loss @ 1.06013
Take Profit @ 1.08470

I opened this trade because price continues to stay above my 200 and 50 MA on the hourly, and I expect price to break through my 50 MA on the daily soon. :thinking: I’m currently in the green for this one, and I’ll update you once I get home tonight about the state of this trade! :blush: Good luck to us! :smiley:

Lol why is it from the perspective of losing instead of winning? :sweat_smile:

What if you end up winning a lot with your trades here!

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Then that would be a pleasant surprise! :sweat_smile: Hahaha. I wanna prepare myself for the worst, but still work for the best! :smiley:

We are still in this trade! :blush: It’s looking quite good for us since price just broke through my 50 MA. I would say last week was a win! :smiley: Let’s see how this trade goes. Hoping to hit my TP soon. :pray:

While we’re still on the EURUSD trade, I’m gonna try to look through my charts to see if I can spot any other good entry options! :blush:

USDJPY is showing a lot of potential to make a move back up. :thinking: I think it will once again test resistance in the coming days. So, I’ll set my TP at resistance, and set my SL below my 50 MA.

Entry @ 127.238
TP @ 131.331
SL @ 126.238

Hmmm. :thinking: I’m thinking whether my SL might be too tight so I’ll come back to this trade in a few hours, and see whether I would need to adjust it. What do you guys think? :thinking:

Way up on this trade! :blush: And also still green for my EURUSD position. :smiley: Hoping to hit my TPs soon! :smiley:

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As MJ in Spiderman once said, " If you expect disappointment , then you can never really get disappointed :sweat_smile:

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Daaang USDJPY through the roof! Would love to see charts in your next updates!!!

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It is! I actually hit my TP and got over a hundred dollars on my USDJPY trade! :blush: I took my trade when the candles hit my 50 MA and set my TP along resistance. :blush: Definitely a win for this one! :smiley:

So true. :sweat_smile: I’m preparing myself for the worst. But everything’s going great! :blush: I hope I didn’t jinx anything. :crossed_fingers:

Also closed my EURUSD trade with +12 pips. :thinking: Still a win cause we’re still in the green, but I decided to close it cause it seemed like price is moving the other direction. :thinking: I’d have to watch my charts a bit more to see whether I’ll get into another trade for this pair. What do you think? :confused:

Trying to get back on USDJPY with another long trade! :smiley:

Entry @ 132.672
TP @ 134.673
SL @ 131.472

Looking at my MAs, I’m thinking there’s still a real good chance that this pair will stay bullish this week. Let’s see how it holds! :blush:

As for EURUSD, I’ve been observing the chart for a bit and I’m still not confident enough to enter a position. :sweat_smile: My MAs are telling me that price will stay bearish (as it has been for a while now) so if I do open a position for this pair, it’ll likely be a sell. :thinking: What do you guys think? Is EURUSD pulling back? :thinking:

WOW! That is insaaaane! Good job!!!

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Maybe now you’ll need to re-title this thread with all the winning that’s been happening to your account :joy:

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Thanks for the support! :blush: Hahaha. I hope I continue to get similar results. :pray:

Just an update on my USDJPY trade :blush: , I was sooo close to hitting my TP yesterday but I decided to leave it overnight cause I was hoping it’d actually hit my TP. :confused: Unfortunately, price is in the opposite direction right now, but we’re still in the green! :blush: I’ll adjust my SL to 132.972 just to ensure this trade won’t end in the red. :smiley:

Well done! :clap:

Leave overnight, I wouldn’t sleep :rofl:
I scalp, in and out in 5mins. It’s all relative though, smaller SL bigger stakes. Sometimes I get a runner and a big fish, it’s not all small fry.

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