Did I lose this week?

Thank you Johnny! :blush: Hahaha. :smiley: Tbh, I also get a little tense whenever I leave trades overnight, but I also think about missing out on hitting my TP. :sweat_smile: One thing is for sure though, I’m not cut out for scalping. :sweat_smile: Idk how you guys manage it, but it’s just too fast-paced and intense for me.

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Just an update on this trade :blush: , I’m once again so close to hitting my TP, but since it’s a Friday night and I don’t want to leave trades open over this weekend, I’m closing my USDJPY trade @ 134.351. :blush:

My original TP was:

So, I would say another win for the week! :slight_smile:

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I also opened a EURUSD trade that I wasn’t able to log here. :open_mouth: But I’m closing it tonight.

I sold @ 1.06923
TP @ 1.04626
SL @ 1.08246

Closing this trade @ 1.05122. :blush:

Overall, I would say this was a good week! :blush: Happy weekend everyoooone! :smiley: Now that my trades are closed, I’m off to enjoy some peace of mind. :sweat_smile:

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Hello journal! :blush: Haha. :smiley: I’m currently watching USDJPY still, and I can see price slowing down a bit. There’s a good chance it’s going to test support or at least just a long the line of the previous resistance. :thinking: I’m thinking of entering a short trade.

TP @ 131.605
SL @ 135.468

What do you guys think? :thinking: I might just have to wait and see how my charts would look like tomorrow morning before opening a position though. :thinking:

Also a very strong sell opportunity for EURUSD but I might just be a little late on this. :thinking:

OMG right at this very minute, if I had, to I would be buying EUR/$ with a 7pip sl :rofl:

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SHOULD I? I’m looking at it right now. :open_mouth:

Oh. I forgot that you scalp. :sweat_smile:

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Do what you think best, I am only a scalper

That’s true. :open_mouth: Might not be the best for day/ swing traders. :sweat_smile: Let me know how it goes for you though!

@ria_rose I’m not trading - Would have had to get out quick. Done quite well on SP500 today, makes a change from DAX and Nasdaq.
Just interested in your great journal - and wishing you all the best :ok_hand:

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Aww. What a nice way to end my day. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. :smiley: Thanks Johnny! :blush: Happy for you so far, and I hope you get more pips in if you ever decide to open any more trades! :blush:

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Hey @ria_rose
I rarely trade the EURUSD but I saw your message so thought I’d get involved.
if I were you I’d be seeing the chart like this…

The SELL trade to watch for is IF price returns to the orange marker I’'ve placed (confluence with the FIB). Set an alert for that level, wait for that first, then jump on your 4hr and 1hr chart, get a warm feeling from your stochastic and then hit the sell button.
Price returning to a previous sell zone following a move like that is a big bank footprint… we like :wink:
Not advice, just opinion :flushed:

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Very much appreciated Ben! :blush: I’ve already added this orange marker to my chart (or at least as close as I could get to it :sweat_smile: ). Thanks for the idea! I’d definitely watch out for this. I’m thinking it’s gonna take a couple of days before it hits no? :thinking:

OOF :open_mouth: If I did open this trade, I’d be in the red right now. :sweat_smile: Looks like it’d be best for me to open a long trade for this pair. Haha. My winning trades for USDJPY have all been longs so far! :smiley:

I think the eurusd trend is too mature to short now. I’ll probably wait for a big candle pulling out of consolidation at the recent low, watch for a return to that ‘buy zone’ and get in then. You need the big candle to indicate big buyers are present.
USDJPY has been a good trend, I’d be taking most of my profits on that one being so overbought and at a previous 2002 zone AND with news tomorrow I believe… good luck!! :slight_smile:

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Just like you, I’m back on the USDJPY trend. :sweat_smile: I don’t see any signs of trend reversal for this pair just yet so I guess I’m going to be a bit more bold with setting my TPs. :thinking: As for EURUSD, I think it was a good idea to buy cause I currently have a position for this pair and things are looking green so far! :blush: Do you also have any open trades right now? :smiley:

Hello journal and hello everyooone! :blush: The past week was crazy and so much happened so I haven’t been able to update as much as I wanted to. :confused: But well, I’ll make up for it this week! :blush:

I currently have 2 trades open. 1 for EURUSD and 1 for USDJPY. Let’s see how they go! :smiley:

Entry @ 1.05136
TP @ 1.07845
SL @ 1.03451

Entry @ 135.102
TP @ 141.102
SL @ 129.706

I’d probably adjust my SLs and TPs depending on price direction by the end of the day. :thinking:

Hi, I’m short USDJPY right now - feeling like the current sell zone will hold to be honest. But I could of course be wrong, and at such major resistance I shouldn’t really be in it anyway lol
Glad your EURUSD is working for you. I’m no pro - but I’d watch out for this area of accumulation which we mentioned before…

Check out my journal of you want to see my trades… :slight_smile:

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