Discipline and focus

Hey traders,

What is your technique to stay focused on the process and stay disciplined? Especially in situations where emotions peak (i.e. giving away profits, enthiusiams/over-confidence, losing streak).

Br, Peter

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Losing Streak:

  • Looking at my trading statistics and reminding me that i have a proven edge.
  • Reading my written out trading plan once again to be sure that i still trade by its rules.
  • Looking at my past trades to check if i did something against my plan.
  • Looking at my past trades (winners too) to check if i could improve my trading plan.
  • If there is something i could do different than i just note this for later, because i shouldn’t change something out of the blue.
  • Talking to my wife and accountablility partner about my conclusions.


  • Reminding me of my last big losing streak.
  • Look at my scaling plan to remind me that even if i did really great, i am not allowed to increase risk faster than i planned.

But i have to say, that i am still fighting with over-confidence and the bad feeling when it ends with the next losing streak.


Just develop your thoughts and make your mind prepared for professional trading.

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Think of your previous mistakes and try not to repeat them because this repetition will cause you to suffer losses in bulk.


I trust my strategy, and remain patient with a ZEN mindset throughout.

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To stay focused, try to make a concrete plan and stick to it till the end of trading.

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Having a clearly defined trading plan and sticking to it will keep you on the right track. Setting clear goals and following your predefined strategies can help you avoid impulsive decisions based on emotions. Then take regular breaks and distance yourself from the screen to clear your mind and prevent burnout.


I trade using a strategy which I have adapted from a classic approach. the set-up parameters are simple and easy to identify. I look for these and nothing else - its either a Bullish/Bearish/Ignore against each criterion. If the set-up is strong I take the trade. I usually trade one strategy at a time, though I’m running two right now as a trial.

I don’t look at charts for stuff I can’t use.

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Hey @PetyaNL! I semi answered this in another post; I was obsessed with charts, analysis, fundamentals, strategies, risk management, taxes, etc.

My point is you don’t think about, worry or fear the normal things you do on a daily base; whether that be walking, talking, typing, paying bills, depositing money, work, etc. Y

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It’s hard. But I think if you have systems in place that you can rely on, that should act like a safeguard against times when emotions can get the best of you. It’s all about building habits (which I’m also still trying to work on).


For me, it’s:

  1. Develop a Trading Plan to steer clear of emotional temptations and stay focused on your trading.

  2. Risk management

  3. Maintain emotional discipline and avoid making impulsive decisions. This can be achieved by maintaining a trading journal and analyzing your emotion.

  4. Taking breaks from trading, getting enough rest, and practicing meditation also can help.


Define specific, achievable goals for your trading. Whether it’s a daily target or a long-term objective, having clear goals keeps you focused on the bigger picture.

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Thank you all for all your comments, appreciated! Will incorporate the advise in my trading.

Nice advice, In the trading journal also focus on documenting your emotions during and after the trade not just the process.

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Hey, when it comes to trading, here’s what helps me stay disciplined:

  1. I always have a clear plan.
  2. Set goals that make sense for me and stick to them.
  3. Manage risks – it’s a game-changer.
  4. Stop-loss orders are my safety net.
  5. Stay updated on what’s happening in the market.
  6. I avoid overtrading – quality over quantity.
  7. Emotions can mess things up, so I keep them in check.
  8. Regularly review my trades and learn from them.
  9. Taking breaks is a must to stay sharp.
  10. I keep a trading journal – it’s like my personal guide.

Hope this helps! Happy trading!

I have a set of rules and when ever I see myself breaking them, I remind myself when I was almost broke because of ill discipline.

Staying focused and disciplined in trading involves having a clear strategy and sticking to it. Mindfulness practices and setting strict risk management rules can help, especially during emotional highs and lows. Keeping a trading journal is also beneficial to track and learn from your trades. Easier said than done!

Guess some guys already said about that, so I repeat - it’s very important to stay and remain focused, not to be overwhelmed with your victories and not to be completely desperate after loss streaks. Some techniques involve meditation and yoga, these are proven methods to achieve so called peace of mind.
Not all traders can engage in them, but I presume if you will set a goal to achieve something, then such things will be trifles for you.

Trading isn’t just about making a fast buck. It’s about being careful and responsible. That’s how I approach it every day. When I trade, I stick to a plan and stay focused. I also share signals on zulutrade, which has taught me how important responsibility is because I’m not just trading for myself, but for others too who copy my strategy. When the market gets tough and I feel tempted to go for quick profits, I control myself by by thinking about those who depend on my decisions.

take breaks
in my mind it is necessary for you to take breaks even if you are doing good
once you take break you can organize your mind again