Do any of you have a forex blog?

Our blog is We review and expose scammers in trading industry, compare brokers ratings and share tips for novice and experienced traders.

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i think i trade a bit different than most of the traders here. i’m a short term day trader which is working fine for me.
i write weekly blog about my experience in the market .
have a read :

The link is broken

I’ve been trading for five years, and doing it full-time while traveling for the last year and half

I mainly share blog posts that are targeted to people with the same ambitions and that use technical analysis (that’s how I trade)

Would love to hear your thoughts about it :slight_smile:

Small bounce rate :sweat_smile:

Hello guys,
I’m looking for Custom indicator with high accurate arrows…
for forecast 5min. (For Binary option)
Thank you very very very much. Its very big help

I have a blog that focus on providing free trading strategies:

Blogs are fun to read and follow, but be careful of which blog are you following. The info needs to be relevant and accurate.

I don’t feel the need to start or even read those blogs… should I?

I’ve met something like this several times and it seemed interesting to me when I talk about my achievements and failures practically in real time, share observations, it can be very cognitive and have a positive impact on your development, now it is incredibly relevant and in demand.

Forex Brokers have their own blogs, where they post analytics, market news etc. They have telegram channels and so on, it is useful, I think, as you can not just read the info there, but ask any questions you need to a get a quick response to.

Oh, the main thing is that this blog is not about a person, but about trading, because among what I saw, I found only pages of narcissistic guys who practically did not talk about trading, but just talk and talk and rarely tell what you can use. If I find a really good one, then I’ll be happy with it.

I did one with my friend when we started to study forex, but today it is stopped