Do people who gamble have an edge in forex trading?

I’m known for asking silly questions so I guess one more wont cause much harm, lol. For the record my answer is yes. What do you think?

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For me, well they ought to have. They should be able to realistically gauge probability with incomplete information and they should be comfortable with ensuring they take a known risk.

Then again, how many gamblers are profitable?

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USA stats reveal over the last decade 85% of traders are not profitable. One main reason is gambling their accounts until it blows hot air.

learning how to gamble is crucial part of my learning process ,somehow at one point you feel despair and give up traditional technique ,you start learning gambling ,it give you another good point of a trader .but does it have anything to do with constant profiting ?not really …

There’s one thing gamblers and traders have in common: wanting to make money lol. Now if gamblers have an edge in trading, I’m not sure. Depends on how good of a gambler they are!


Gambling and forex trading are two very different activities, and it is not necessarily true that people who gamble have an edge in forex trading.

I think they have, well it all depends on their way of doing a thing. Risks are anyway involved.

All I know according to my experience is that gambling is never going to benefit you in the long run.

People who take forex trading as a gamble will not be able to sustain the marketplace. This is not some wild prediction and tinker tailor soldier spy game.