Do you have real-life trading friends?

I have a few who are much more experienced than I am but precisely because of that, I find that I’m “out of their league.” It’s like playing tennis for the first time with much better players and not being able to rally.

Do you have real life trading friends who are at the same trading level as you? How did you meet them? :open_mouth:


I don’t know anyone who trades. :anguished:

All my trading friends are here in this forum. I don’t know most of their real names and I’ve never met them in real life.

For me, trading is a lonely profession. Well, not quite my profession as yet but hopefully it will be in the near future. :slight_smile:


I do have one, though I haven’t spoken much with them with the lockdowns, social distancing and all.

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None, here although have spoken about trading with some friends. I have one or two value investor friends though.

I honestly don’t know if I want any or a lot of in person trader friends.

  1. I want to be experiencing “life” when not studying trading or trading. Art and music Etc.
  2. I don’t want to be a shmo who says and predicts and all the rhetoric about the markets . I know so much or this will happen. And then be wrong or be right and obnoxious.

I am grateful that forums like Babypips give the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow traders.


Lonely hobby for me. Whether profession or hobby, lonely either way. Good to have this forum though at least there are people to talk to. Hopefully you all are real. :joy:

Oh wow. Forex too? Did you meet him before you started trading?

What an interesting way to put it! i like that, kind of like seeking a more “well rounded” life. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

I met them years ago. We generally haven’t spoken much lately, even online.There was no falling out or anything, we are just pretty busy.


I couldn’t agree more !

I look upon trading as a job. A pretty boring job at that, watching candles going up and down, but better than digging holes in the road or being a dentist pulling teeth out all day. Do the road workmen have friends who talk about digging holes or dentists have friends who talk about teeth over pint of beer ?

Maybe I am just cynical.

@Ponponwei - perhaps Babypips is the nearest you need to get to having forex friends. :slightly_smiling_face:


Makes sense, it’s a challenge keeping in touch with a lot of people, takes lots of time and effort. Even with just a few, actually!

Dentists who work together probably haha but I doubt they go out there looking for fellow dentists to discuss teeth over some drinks :joy:

That is what it looks like haha so thanks guys for responding :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I do and my friend has helped me alot through the learning part of Forex. It’s good to have friends as you can gather much information from them.

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I have family members who are into Stock Trading but do not have the necessary knowledge for leveraged trading such as Forex or CFD.
Even when I am willing to impart knowledge and provide learning resources, they choose to stay far far away due to fear of negative consequences which they perceived from their peers.

I am where I am today is also thanks to this friend of mine who introduced me to the world of Forex and CFD trading. This friend of mine was, however, not a consistently profitable trader, and is currently staying out of the market until he is able to find his edge in the markets again.

Wish I could get some trading friend in social media
Help me to get moving in trading

I’m totally new in all this.!
I can’t even have someone online to talk to for Guide and help to start in…!

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We have a close family friend who introduced me to trading. At one time she made a living doing FX, but I think since her life led her in a different direction. We since moved away and don’t have much contact anymore. Right now BP is as close as I get to FX “friends.”


I was lucky enough to have attended a real life trading class, and met a few people whom I can consider “friends”. We communicate regularly on-line and once in a while meet up.

I do not not know anyone who trade in my area a times I think I am the only one and I avoid saying I trade coz many do not understand

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I have made a couple of friends who I have met through trading, I belong to a team who are basically like a trading family, it doesn’t matter what level or experience we are at, we are all there to help each other. One guy I didn’t know at all until one day he messaged me and he is now my mentor and friend, before lockdown we met up most days to trade which has helped my trading a lot and it didn’t matter that we’re on completely different levels of trading or that we even have different styles of trading, it’s good because the friends I’ve known for years don’t have any interest in trading so I made new ones.


I am surrounded by them actually and it has some upsides and downsides

What are the upsides and the downsides?

Basically you have this eco system of ideas and knowledge and stuff , or when you are down you have friends to motivate and help your psychology,
but downsides is you have to at least you are well rounded