Do you have real-life trading friends?

I did not until I started meeting on Zoom. Now I go over a Forex Coaching Book lessons on Zoom once a Week and I started Forex Accountability Group. We share our Journal ,lessons, and how we are doing for the week.

Tabius Lee
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Many of us start with Pipsology. This may be a good start for you.

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Trading is completely new to me. I have no trading friends. Iam trying to find my way and hopefully make new trading friends who can share their experiences. I have done a few courses but what I find is they do not show you a complete trading system. They only share a part strategy.

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Very lucky!

Aww man, what’s he doing in the meantime? :confused:

Thankfully you can just create a thread here and ask. :sweat_smile:

Same! :joy:

Ah yes that’s a good one too and you’ll all be within the same “level” also. But of course, it’ll involve some cash up front. :slight_smile:

Wow this is a very interesting and almost rare situation. May I ask which country you’re from? :open_mouth:

I am from London, England

How did you find/meet your trading team? Was there like a posting somewhere? :open_mouth:

I attended a seminar about forex and met someone else there who belonged to a different company and then I met someone else through him from the same team and I’ve not looked back since. Feel free to email me, forex715joe at gmail dot com

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We were both from the Banking & Finance sector but he took up a short-term project-based assignment to recuperate from the consecutive months of losses.

He should be returning to full-time trading again in the coming month of August 2020.


I wish him success!


All of my business partners are real time traders. Some of us have been trading longer than others, but we help each other out whenever its needed.

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Lucky! Where did you meet them? :slight_smile:

I got introduced to them from a friend of mine. Next thing I know, I knew people and became business partners with other traders in the US and UK.

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It’s great when it happens like that! :smiley:

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For those of you who do have real life trading friends, has that made trading harder or easier for you?

In the beginning it’s made it a lot easier but because I also don’t want to be that person who constantly asks questions, it has made no difference after that hahaha.

No, they all think it’s stupid :frowning:

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I’m sorry. But that’s what forums are for, to meet like-minded people! :smiley:

In my opinion it’s made it easier, I’ve learnt a lot more

That’s the whole point of having trading friends or groups, I constantly ask questions otherwise I’d never learn anything, closed mouths don’t get fed