Do You Listen To Music While Trading? If Yes, Why?

I think music is okay. Maybe like some classical music.

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Sometimes, I play smooth jazz music when I am having a good trade day. But when the day is more stressful, I prefer to sit in calm and trade because it helps me stay focused and avoid any type of distractions.

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I don’t listen to any music while trading. It kinda distracts me.

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When I try (unsuccessfully) day-trading it distracts me from some really good music…

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What a show! I mean, you can even live all the highs and lows of the music in the chart :joy:

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Did you see how much fun they were having?! I love the chemistry between the two violinists.

Tbh, this was the first time I saw the video. I always had it on audio after a friend introduced me to this one and “Marching Season” from the same show years back. Just as blown away as you are right now LOL

Yeah! You can see that the “main” musicians are really feeling the music and their instruments!

Reminds me of Lord of The Dance and how connected their dances were with the music.
Look at this:

I completely love this instrumental tho! All the power on it! Incredible! Could totally use it while trading!!

Thanks for the share :slight_smile: . I imagine it’s a lot more immersive and awesome seeing it live.

My only exposure to anything resembling Irish music is this tune. It’s pensive and melancholic though.

Oh, and maybe Whiskey in the Jar :rofl:

Yes, melancholic for sure! ahah I never heard this from them before!
I appreciate a lot instrumental, specially epic instrumental music. It’s poweeerful! And make you feel invincible! This is a good feeling, specially when trading :joy:

I often wonder how people can do the tasks that require focus while listening to music. I close my eyes and put on my earphones after an hour or so and listen to a nice song for relaxation, but if I try to do it while trading I feel distracted.

Yea, they never released this as a single. It’s from the mid 90s when they experimented a bit and wrote more introspective lyrics. Two years later they collaborated with the San Francisco Symphony. This is a killer instrumental from one of their earlier albums they adapted to the symphony.

And a track they wrote specifically for the collaboration. This happens to be my fave.

I have to disagree with this sentiment though. As much as I love working with music if it ever got in the way of key decision making processes I’d stop it immediately. Like there are certain tracks I never listen to when I work because they are very personal and evoke very strong emotion.

While there is perceptible change to my emotion with good music I don’t want it to cause me to make a decision I wouldn’t make if I were level headed. Like trading with alcohol or weed (maybe). Doesn’t work for me atleast.

If you listen to the same track a few 100 times that emotional impact diminishes a lot. You don’t feel euphoric atleast. I remember checking the play count in Windows Media player for a few tracks at work and they had 500-800 play counts for most tracks after maybe 2 months.

WMA_play count

I think it largely depends on the music. If it’s something non-enganging, it essentially becomes white noise, and white noise has been known to improve focus.


Yes, I totally understand what you mean. I think that you kinda have to control yourself, your feelings and yeah, just understand if the music helps or not. Just like you did, and me, and probably everyone talking in this topic ahah the truth is there are people who will always end up trading with their emotions running high… even if they don’t have music on…

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I’m listening to this and it’s so relaxing. At the moment, it’s perfect:

And then there’s the original:

She has a lovely voice, it was a joy to listen to her.

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Same thing happens with me.

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It’s the same for me. Some tracks without any singing can be nice as background noise, but everything else I find distracting.

That’s what. Too much noise.

White noise can be a good thing, if one manages to find a type of music that can serve as that. That has been my experience at least.