Do You Listen To Music While Trading? If Yes, Why?

The title says it all! Do you guys listen to music while trading? If yes, why?

And, What type of music do you listen to?

Info: Listen to music while trading can be good and advantageous! When listening music, we can keep ourselves focus and to trade (and make good decisions), it is important to maintain focus! Music not only makes you more focused but can also relax you. Among many music styles, classical, jazz and upbeat/chill beat music can reduce stress hormones. That’s gooood!

To start, I’m leaving here one of my fav songs, that I like to listen while trading! It makes me feel good and confidence, ready to deal with the graphs! :grin:


Every day while trading, I listen to YouTube instrumental music ranging from classical through to jazz and blues. It helps me focus.


I always liked Dawn of Justice! That movie got down to business!!

All genres, but tempo can’t be too relaxed. I need something rather upbeat. It just helps me move along. Otherwise, I get bored.

However, when I have to strategize, and I’m trying to think, I’ll hit pause. Haha

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I like this group:

Same here! Classical instrumental and Jazz are some good sounds to listen while looking to the charts.

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Man, the music of Dawn of Justice make me feel good while I analyze and trade!

I understand, analyzing with tempo music in the back might be kinda confusing sometimes no? A lot of sounds and fast beat to keep thinking properly in the trade :joy:

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That’s exactly what happens!! I’m sitting there trying to think, and then my brain is trying to follow the music at the same time…it’s like eating soup with a fork.

I know that feeling! You just got stop the music because it’s not working at all :joy: have you tried other styles of music? Like Classical or jazz.

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I’ve tried relaxing music, and it’s the same thing. It’s all a distraction.


This is how my brain feels when trying to multi task when I need to think.


I rarely listen to music when I trade. If I do, I make sure it has no lyrics in it because they’d distract me. Some instrumental tracks are okay though.

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Yeah, that’s true! That’s why I only listen to Instrumental and Classical music, most of the times.

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I love LoFi tunes, helps me focus while analyzing and forecasting. However if I’m manually entering trades I’ll always pause for a minute to hear myself think haha.

Check it out here.

Same here!!! I like to think, “I’m fine, I don’t need to pause the music in order to think”, and I find myself thinking extra hard over something really simple. And that’s when I finally hit pause.

yeah sometimes you just need complete silence, for mental clarity. Trading is a mental game, after all.

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The first thing to understand is you need a consistently profitable strategy. Even if you only have a small account, cautious risk levels and slim win rates and r:r, you have the chance to increase your income significantly.

The second thing to understand is that rap is not music.

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You’re telling me that THIS isn’t music?

Thank you, a perfect example to prove my point…

I’m not saying it doesn’t have strong rhythm, some humour, a little irony and it must communicate well with the youth of today. But it is also unharmonised chanting over a non-melodic backing track.

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Eh sometimes I do have music in the background if I do it’s melow like easy listening.
I love rock/metal which isn’t suitable for a trading mindset lol

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Could be worth exploring use of ear plugs / defenders to get as close to silent conditions as possible when concentration is needed.