Do you see forex trading as your final profession/ job?

Perhaps. Currently, I trade part-time and I am happy with it. I have made some good profits and I am working on my consistency. I would definitely consider trading full-time as a career once I get more understanding of this market and develop consistency.

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Wish I can but still a long way for me. Will think of it when managed to get 100+ pip moves in my favor over all.

Oooh! :smiley: Good for you! :blush: How long have you been trading part time? :smiley:

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Aww. :blush: I’m so happy for you janey! :blush: I also went through a lot of struggling before I saw the light in forex. Hahaha. :smiley: It would definitely be interesting if you could make a trading journal here so I can visit it also! Or do you already have one? :thinking:

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How long have you been trading? :smiley: Or are you still starting out with learning forex? :blush:

A lot of us trade forex part-time cause I guess it’s better to have multiple sources of income while we’re still young! :smiley: Good luck on your trading! And I hope you become more consistently profitable. :smiley:

I don’t have one yet cos I’m in my finals in the university….would think about a journal once I settle that area.
But I recently created a post for trade bias for long term and short term traders.

Currently, I am trading forex part-time. I have not made enough money through it and so, I can’t think of making it a full-time job. But YES, if I happen to do that, I would definitely do it full-time. But it’s still a long way.

I dedicate 6 -7 hrs per week for now as got busy with my side gigs too!

No, forex trading is definitely not going to be my final profession as I prefer to trade part-time because of my job. However, it can totally be chosen as a full time job by interested traders keeping in mind the scope of profits and success in the field.

I don’t know will it be my final or sole source of income.
Actually it’s more like an arrow , you want multiple incase one misses the target !

Not in the near future, but yes, one fine day, it will definitely become my final profession.

Ooooh! :blush: That’s niceee. :smiley: I’ll also check it out and thank you for informing me. :blush: Good luuuck!

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Although you still have a long way to go, I hope you keep the hard work and determination to eventually get there! :blush: If you don’t mind, how long have you been trading? :smiley:

Best wishes! :blush:

Perhaps! It most depends on what type of a trader I become. After giving so much to trading, I am not missing out on the long-term opportunities that it might give to me.

Definitely! :blush: If you don’t mind, how long have you been trading now? :smiley:

It has been literally my profession for some years now along with other financial responsibilities. But I do not see myself doing it until I die. I want to test other stuff, is just that other professions I’d like to try also require some time to get me the same money, so I need a plan to level it.

One day? Yes for sure!

Not very sure about making trading my final profession. But I do see it as a long-term career that surely has some great money-making opportunities.