Do you see forex trading as your final profession/ job?

Well… HAHAHA If I’m swimming in money, I probably won’t even be trading! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh. I see. :smiley: I guess it’s different for everyone anyway. :blush: How long have you been trading though? :smiley:

OMG. :blush: This is great to heaaar! :blush: Forex really changes a person. :blush: And I hope you continue to get more wins! :smiley:

I think that although forex really helps with buying stuff and some expenses, having multiple streams of income is still the best! :blush: If you don’t mind, are your other income streams also online? :open_mouth:

Agree to some extent, forex also demands more cash in your wallet too!

No, Forex may make you earn lots of money, but it isn’t wise to put all your capital in one job or profession. it is better to have more than one earning source.

it is only a place where I invest my money

I don’t see yet, but deep in my heart, I KNOW.

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Oooh. I get that. :blush: Instead of a profession, you view it as just an investment. That makes sense too.

I believe in youuu @alphahavoc! :blush: I know that it’s not easy but if it’s you, I’m sure you can do it. :smiley:

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While it may be enticing as ou would be basically our own boss, I do not feel confident enough to do it as it would mean risking too much. I prefer sticking to a regular job and do it as a secondary form of income.

That sounds reasonable! :blush: If there’s anything the pandemic has taught me, it’s really that it’s best to have multiple sources of income. :thinking: But like, eventually, once you’ve saved up enough, do you think you’d want to focus on it more?

Yes by the start of next year(Jan. 2022) I will be a full time trader and that being my source if income.

I’m already a funded trader and working on another account as well. Lord willing that is the goal.

It’s good to keep yourself busy aside from trading. People think that ‘full time trading’ is good, but really it’s boring as hell.

Yep, 100% especially when your process is down. It just takes a few moments to see if there is a good set up then you only have 23 hours left in the day to get things done. Lol.

Yeah exactly man!

This option reminds me more of a part-time job. For the main variant, it seems to me not stable enough.

It depends, If I found out I have a talent in forex trading and I am profitable in it I will definitely shift from engineering to forex trading hahah. Then use the fund to built a corp.

I doubt it to be honest as I feel it is too risky and the market is so uncertain.

Personally, I treat trading as an intermediate step towards passive income on the stock market. I don’t want to spend all my life before the computer screen looking at the charts.