Do you think lockdowns really help?

Hi guys! :open_mouth: :frowning:

The biggest island in the Philippines (Luzon) has just been placed under an “Enhanced Community Quarantine” due to the covid19 situation. :frowning: We recently saw a huge spike in the number of cases in the country. :open_mouth:

I see the use of lockdowns but I just also see why people are very scared of it. :frowning: Do you think a lockdown could work for a third world country? :frowning:

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Yes most defiantly, of course they prevent the spread

Yeah. :frowning: I understand that. :frowning: I just wish more thought was put into its implementation, especially given that there are very distinct social classes in our country, and a lot of the less privileged don’t even have homes to “lock” themselves in. :frowning:

Oh my. :frowning: I don’t think my country’s people and economy would be able to survive something that would last this long. :frowning:


The Lockdowns are simple but effective, It would be really selfish on one’s part if refusing to adhere to it. People need to realise that social distancing would really go a long way to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Lock-downs slow down the virus’s spread. The idea is that although we will all be exposed to this virus sooner or later we don’t want to be all exposed in the same week because a small percentage will develop a very serious reaction and will be in danger.

I guess the politicians know that a lock-down can’t work 100% and the longer it lasts, the worse it works. But that doesn’t really matter, the spread will have been slowed down.

The is to flatten the exponential curve of the infection rate so medics wouldn’t be overwhelmed. And China showed that nothing else works :frowning:

I am looking at what is happening in Italy and it’s terrifying. Won’t the lockdowns work?!

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It was too late when the Italian government went into lockdown, the virus was already at large. Hopefully their terrible experience has acted as a catalyst to get other governments moving and hopefully not too late. Time will tell.

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We do not have lockdown in the UK yet, however i think we will soon. People are not taking the advice of the PM so it may be forced upon us.

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I’m sure you’re right, could be within 24 hours. There’s no point government having a tool available that other people are using and leaving it in the drawer.

Of course, we won’t know for sure if its working for sure until 2 weeks later as incubation time can be 14 days. But there’s no point not trying it.

Lockdown should help to minimize the spreading but of course, there are people out there who still doesn’t believe that corona virus is very dangerous, at the moment.

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That’s what bothers me too - it’s incredibly dangerous, even to young people sometimes, and some have a very “it’s just the flu” attitude.
I almost died from the flu a few years ago. Twice.


I knooow. :frowning: I read this article how the virus is supposedly wiping out a generation (since they have a lot of relatively older and weaker citizens). :frowning:

Yeah. :frowning: I saw a video of college students still partying for their Spring Break despite the outbreak. :frowning: It’s frustrating and irritating that now, some of them would have to learn the hard way. :frowning:

Sigh, when will people understand how importance social distancing is?
Please stay safe everyone.


The point of lockdown is to go outside as little as possible to avoid contact and spread the virus. It’s time to help each other. Stay safe and let’s all pray that this will end soon.

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Yeah. :confused: And even after this pandemic, I think there would be a “new norm” when it comes to social interactions. :thinking:

Yes! I also hope this ends soon. :pray: Stay safe everyone! :slight_smile:

They seem to have finally finally flattened the curve and are slowly coming down from the peak but the tragedy is immeasurable. Spain is currently at its peak, it seems.
How I wish other countries, including my own, will manage to avert this.